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2nd Cycle Test Only Dose Question


My first cycle was an 8 week prop only cycle at 400mg/week. Resulted in 17lb gain, and ended up keeping 12lbs when all was said and done. Was going to start my 2nd cycle soon and was planning on doing a 10 weeker with 500mg/week, test only again. I know you don't have to increase the dose, but wanted your opinions on whether I should stay with the 500/wk or go higher? I have 250mg (1ml) ampules so it would end up being 750/week and only 7 weeks long with what I have currently. Only reason I'm considering increasing dosage is to just see how my body reacts/test the upper limits to a higher dose of test only, before adding anything else down the road.

30yrs old, 12years training, 13% BF, 209lbs, 6' tall. Blood work is all within normal limits as well. Any other details I left out or would be helpful to know feel free to ask. Appreciate any feedback.


It’s not necessary to structure cycles around exact 1 mL values at a time, but it’s convenient. The same is true for whether administration needs to be per week, or different.

Here, I’d suggest 250 mg per 3 days, which works out to an average of 583 mg/week. Ordinarily that’s a little lower than I’d usually recommend but you did well with only 400 mg, so it’s unlikely you won’t do well now with this amount. You appear to be a good responder.

However I’d inject 3 mL on Day 1 as a frontload (it’s a slight overshoot but not where it will be a problem.)

If you have 21 ampules total, then that leaves 18, which will make it an 8 week cycle approximately, counting time suppressed. Works out very well.

However, if you’re particularly curious and in a rush on that curiousity to see how you do at 750 mg/week, that would be fine too.

In either case, if you didn’t use an aromatase inhibitor in the first cycle and got away with that, you might not be equally lucky with the higher dose cycles, particularly the 750 mg/week cycle.


Bill, thank you that was a big help. After reading your post I realized I needed to consider the ester/test weight. In reality I was only getting a little over 300mg with the prop on my first cycle, so the sust this time will already be an increase as you pointed out above at like 583mg. I am more than happy with that, I’m not curious enough at this time to push 750mg. I have no problem being conservative.

I only have 20 ampules right now, so with a 3ml front load that would cut me down to about 7 weeks. Would a 2ml load suffice? Or I can get another ampule from my source no problem.

I did not use an AI my first round with the low dose as I thought I’d be fine, and I was. (I did have stuff on hand in case) This time around I will be using arimidex throughout the cycle.


The two mL frontload would also work well. Three was small overshoot of ideal (ideal being where the extra amount injected would be the same as the amount that with long term use would be built up in your body from previous injections) and two is only a small undershoot.

If paying for shipping, etc. was involved then I wouldn’t bother with that small difference and be satisfied with the two.