2nd Cycle - Test E w/Anadrol

Looking to run a second cycle in the not so distant future and looking to see what everyone thinks in order to fine tune it.
215 lbs
28 yr old.

1st cycle was Test Cyp 500mgs - 12 weeks. HCG 500ius/2x a week. AI was used during cycle, tapered down throughout pct. Nova 40/40/20/20

2nd cycle:

Test E - 250mgs/2x a week. 12 weeks.
Anadrol - 50 mg/day. Weeks 6 thru 9.
HCG - 1000ius/week. 14 weeks.
Nova - 40/40/20/20 starting 18 days after last injection and 4 days after last HCG injection.
AI, dose TBD.

Let me know if there’s any tweaking that should be done.

Don’t do HCG at 1000iu for 14 weeks. Anadrol seems random.

What is your suggestion for HCG?

I’m looking to use an oral, but don’t want to use Dbol because it aromatizes. So Anadrol seems like a logical comparative. I want to make the most of the oral, so why not use it when I’m starting to reap the benefits of the Test. Making the most of the strength gains.

HCG has a half life of 36 hours, meaning unless you’re going to blast it at the end of the cycle, only running it for periods through out your cycle would seem to cause more stress opposed to running it through out. No?