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2nd Cycle. Test E & Deca. Caber/Nolva PCT Question

This will be my 2nd cycle. 35 years old, 5’6, roughly 175

1-12 Test E 300 E3D
1-10 Deca 400 week
1-12 Caber .05 E3D
1-14 Adex .25 EOD

Week 15
Clomid 100/50/50/50

My questions are, since Deca is such a long lasting ester, do you run the Caber into the PCT? Say 16 weeks?

Should I run Nolva as well at 40/20/20/20? I have read that it doesn’t work well with Deca.

I also have HCG on hand, is it recommended with Deca?


When your HPTA is FUBAR, drop in at the T replacement forum.

Why so much caber? I’m currently up to 875mg Tren ace(125mg ED) with 300mg Deca and .25mg caber keeps my prolactin so low pathology can’t pick any up.

so .25 every 3 days? How long throughout the cycle?

and yes, I am clueless, hence me asking the question.

Probably not enough anastrozole. Guys on TRT, 100mg T cyp per week need 1.0 mg/week in divided doses. The higher your serum T levels, the more anastrozole you need. Some are anastrozole over-responders.

Do lab work during your cycle. Target E2=22pg/ml. Check AST/ALT when on Deca.

In the T- replacement forum, read the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky.

Do not stack SERMs or stack SERM+hCG. You will overwhelm your LH receptors and desensitization threatens recovery. High SERM or high hCG doses can lead to very high T–>E2 inside your testes and competitive AI’s do not work there. High E2 levels block T at T receptors and limit gains and other T benefits.

Many get nasty estrogenic side effects from Clomid. Nolvadex works just as well.

Clomid and Nolvadex are effective at 10mg ED or 20/25 EOD. Just exactly are you thinking?

Body building sites are full of stupid bro-science that is simply wrong. More is not better.

When you support LH activity with a SERM or hCG, you want the testes working at a level of stimulation that can be hopefully expected during recovery. If on a SERM with high LH levels and you stop the SERM, your testes see a large drop in LH and what do you expect that signal to do? HPTA can suddenly see E2 levels when SERM stopped.

You need a longer taper on SERMs to lower amounts so E2 levels can drop so E2 does not block recovery. You should be on 0.5 mg anastrozole at the end of PCT and cruise on that for a month or so.

You need to understand what you are doing and whats happening, before you reach for the syringes.

[quote]boredinmd wrote:
so .25 every 3 days? How long throughout the cycle?

and yes, I am clueless, hence me asking the question. [/quote]

.25mg Every Third Day. Keep in mind I’m talking about pharma caber. I can’t tell you how strong any UGL stuff is but pharma caber is very strong stuff. I’d use it for as long as you are on 19-Nors. To be honest you might get away with not taking caber at all on 400mg Deca but taking it will ensure no Deca dick and greatly lessen the likelihood of gyno.