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2nd Cycle Test E, Dbol Advice

I was planning on starting a second cycle using test e and dbol. Below is my plan. Any advice on this?

Week 1-12 test e 400-500mg weekly
Week 1-4 dbol 10mg twice a day
Week 1-12 aromasin 12.5 eod
Week 14-16 clomid, nolva and hcg

I am 50yo 5’11" 185lbs. Appreciate your time and feedback.

The Test is fine. I take d-bol once a day 30 mins before my workout.
I’d wait until 5th or 6th week to start aromasin with food.


Im curious as to why should he wait so long before taking the AI?

I thought dbol was a very strong aromatizing enhancer, so taking an ai right away was standard procedure. I’d like to hear what others have to say about when to take an ai. Appreciate the feedback

Since you are a little older I would try nolva from the start 20mgs a day just to help with lipid profile and not potentially damn them. Keep aromasin around. Also get blood work done at 3 or 4 weeks in and again 2 weeks after dbol

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When you start your estrogen level is gonna take a few weeks to start rising. If you keep estrogen too low you are not gonna make the gains you could be making. And I’d wait until 6-8 weeks after cycle to have blood work done. That gives time for everything to get back to close to normal. I’m 59 and I have been doing this for over 30 yrs.

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My reasoning for the blood work interval is first check e2 and other values and 2 weeks after to reassess e2 and see what the liver is looking like as well as lipids.

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I would switch things up a bit based on what I have learned over the years.

Weeks 1-12 Test E 500mg/week
weeks 1-2 20mg dbol/day
weeks 3-6 30mg dbol/day
weels 1-12 10mg nolva/day

Nolva is DEFINITELY a strong enough AI for anything but cycles that include 1g test plus per week. NOLVA also has NO effect on gains, unlike aromisin and arimidex. IF you use even a TINY bit too much of an AI like aromasin or arimidex, kiss a lot of gains goodbye. Nolva doesn’t have this problem. IF you need you can up the nolva to 20mg/day but I HIGHLY DOUBT you will need to do that. I use 10mg a day with much stronger cycles, and I’m gyno sensitive.

I am on test for life so I’m not the guy for the PCT Advice!


If I Were you I would try out one of the following cycles as opposed to adding dbol to the test, but that’s just me.

IF you want nice lean size gains

weeks 1-14/16 Test Enanthate 400mg/week
weeks 1-14/16 EQ 600mg/week
weeks 1-14/16 nolva 10mg/day

IF you want lean, hard, dry gains

weeks 1-10/12 Test Enanthate 500mg/week
weeks 1-10/12 Masteron Enanthate 400-500mg/week
Should not need an AI at all but keep nolva on hand incase.

These are just my opinions on what I would add to test for my second cycle. You can stick with dbol if you want, but I Feel you will have much better results with these cycles. Dbol is better to add when you already have 2-3 injectable and want to add a big boost to a small part of the cycle, not as a main compound. AGAIN that is just my opinion.


So in either case above would you pin the mast or eq same days as test, twice a week?

And would adding dbol on top of either of those be beneficial? Thanks for heads up as advise

I just began 400 Test E/ 600 EQ a week (split Monday & Thursday) and 10mg Nolvadex a day. I draw the EQ into the syringe first then draw the Test into the same syringe, change pin and inject both compounds at the same time.


Have you noticed anything yet? Keep us posted on your progress and thoughts on that cycle. I might try that combo next.