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2nd Cycle - Test E and Vars


Hi everyone,
So I am running my second cycle come this April. Currently leaning out before I start. I am planning on taking 250mg of test e twice a week and 40-50 mg of vars everyday. I will be taking arimidex .5ml eod and will be running nolva for post/anytime I need it during cycle. Just would like some input on this stack. Is this pretty safe combo? Only my second cycle as I said and my first was just test e by itself and got good results with it. I plan on running the vars the whole 10 weeks as well. Thanks!


Pretty basic combo.

Might want to up var to 75-100mg though.


I know vars is pretty mild on the body but should I be taking any liver support or anything else? Any sides with this combo or is it pretty mild overall?


I think var is processed at the kidney thus minimal to no liver stress… I’m sure someone more knowledgable can correct me if I’m wrong.


Thanks for the response. Anyone else have more knowledge?


I’d double the var. Cycle looks good otherwise


As a boost to the testosterone cycle, 50 mg/day Anavar is a decent and substantial addition

Although numerous steroid books have claimed Anavar isn’t liver toxic and at least one has made the claim of it being processed by the kidney, actually oxandrolone (Anavar) is no exception to the rule of 17-alkylated anabolic steroids being liver toxic.

The myth may have arisen from Anavar originally being provided in 2.5 mg tabs and generally prescribed at only that amount per day, or twice per day. At that dosing level liver effects wouldn’t necessarily be detected to statistical significance, resulting in early studies saying no liver toxicity was found. At dosing such as used now either in bodybuilding or medically, it shows up repeatedly.


^ And that ladies and gentleman is why we listen to the more experienced/knowledgable men.

Thanks Bill. I had no idea.


You’re very welcome!


[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
As a boost to the testosterone cycle, 50 mg/day Anavar is a decent and substantial addition

I would have to respectfully disagree with this. I don’t know if it’s just we get underdosed var in this part of the world, but 50mg of UGL var where I come from barely touches the sides


Then I expect your Anavar is not good.

Where Anavar can fall short as an anabolic is if it’s used alone or only in combination with things like Masteron, Primobolan, or trenbolone. When testosterone, Dianabol, or Anadrol are present, it has quite high potency (effectiveness per milligram.) Adding 350 mg/week oxandrolone (Anavar) is somewhat more potent than adding the same amount of, for example, Masteron. Definitely a decent addition to 500 mg/week testosterone.

But oxandrolone is an often-faked or underdosed product, because it’s one of the most expensive per kilo of raw material.


Thanks for the responses everyone. Can’t wait to start. Is it necessary to get blood checked during the cycle? I want to go about doing things smart/right. Not sure how I would go about it either, should I just be upfront with my doctor and ask for blood tests?


It’s desirable but depending on the cycle planning it can be safe to do so without blood work during. However as you’re planning on 10 weeks straight oral use, I’d do a liver panel at the 6 week point and be mentally prepared to cut the oral use short of the planned amount.

It’s not as if oxandrolone will do anything a non-liver-toxic injectable such as Masteron won’t do.


Ok so do you think I’d be fine without bloodwork just running one cycle of the vars? I have two 25 day supplies so i was planning on starting at week 3 and run it to week 10 (7 weeks total). Should I just run it at week 7 of the test cycle finish at week 10? Also this may be a stupid question, but is blood work just necessary when taking orals to check liver enzymes or are there other factors that need to be checked even if your only taking injectables? Thanks.