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2nd Cycle, Test E and Tbol

2nd cycle
Was sensitive to sides on first cycle but didn’t use adex and had higher test dose. Chose low test dose and tbol because it doesn’t aromatise

Cycle Plan
W 1-12 Test Enth 300mg every Wednesday
W 1- 4 Turinabol 40 mg ed ( maby extend to 6 weeks )
W 3-10 HCG 300iu every Wednesday and Saturday
W 1-12 Adex 0.5mg EOD

W 1-12 Nolva 20mg/d if gyno symptoms

W 13 Clomid 50mg 2x/d
W 14-16 Clomid 25mg/d

That’s probably overkill. If you feel you need the AI (and aren’t waiting to get lab work or assess symptoms) I’d start with .25mg a couple times a week.

In order to hold off gyno that isn’t that aggressive, I’ve found that about 5mg Nolva twice a week is plenty.

Your mileage may vary

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Basically what swoops said. Too much Adex without blood work. I am on 900 mg/wk of Test, and so far I am dosing at 0.25 mg EOD. No issues other than some bloat.

I am also using 40 mg of Tbol ED. It is nice for reps IMO. Seems like there is a little extra in the tank. I don’t think it will give me that much size other than the muscle I gain from the extra reps though.

I would just use the HCG between your cycle and PCT. Makes dealing with E2 easier, and should be pretty effective in 2-3 weeks to get the balls up and working. I would do 500 iu EOD for that period to get them swelled up.

I think 300 mg/wk of Test is kinda low for a cycle. Just my opinion, but I think it just makes more sense to really get some gains out of a cycle if you are gonna be shut down.

but then there is me on 250mg a week and eating 0.25mg ED…

Yeah, but your AI use is justified with experience and blood work. I don’t have an issue with AI use if it is backed up. Just so many are guessing wildly at what the dose should be when we are all very different. The dose (300 mg/wk) should be tried for a month no AI, and then based off of blood work and feeling, add it in if needed. Then pull labs a month later and see what those say and evaluate how you feel. Continue until you find about what works.

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Thank you for the information. I will take your advice on the hcg. can I ask what the risk would be from taking 0.5mg eod adex as opposed to 0.25?
Also what are your thoughts on doing 300mg/wk test for 4 weeks and then possibly upping it to 500-700 mg / wk depending how I respond to it and feel?

You’ve never crashed your e2 before, have you? Give it a go, just so you know what’s it’s like so when you eventually do it on a cycle, you’ll know what’s happening and you won’t have to come here to ask

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Basically what swoops said. Crashing estrogen isn’t fun.

Yes, ramping up is fine. I’d go 300 then 500 and stay there for the cycle. BTW, I’m loving tbol. Just no sides, can’t feel anything, but can just do more sets, with a bit of strength boost.


So what dosage would you recommend of adex? I am nervous of estrogen related sides

Like i suggested before, .25mg 2x per week to start, but I wouldn’t start that until the 4th or 5th week. You’ll be building up until then and won’t need it. If you do bump up to 500mg at some point, you can probably go to .25mg EOD or .5mg 2x week, once again after about 3-5 weeks after increasing test dose

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Do bloodwork and KNOW, instead of ask random strangers who can only guess :slight_smile:

It is individual and only bloodwork can tell… With these recomendations here i would have 100+ e2… with my recomendations, these guys would have 0 e2… get the idea??


Sounds good :grinning: