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2nd Cycle - Test E 400mg/400mg Deca


I'm hoping to just get a little feedback here: 38yrs old/200lbs/10%bf, been lifting 20 yrs, this is my 2nd cycle (1st was Deca/Dbol 15 years ago)

Bear with me here - pinned 200mg Deca and 200mg Test e 42 hours ago. Prior to pinning, I was jerking off or having sex twice a day, extremely high libido, rock hard dick. Literally the next day (yesterday) I was having trouble getting hard and no sex drive at all. Today, I just want to sleep. I have Aromasin on hand, but I don't think that'll help this from what I've read. Could one dose of Deca really shut me down this fast? I have my gf coming in town for the first time in 3 weeks this Friday and I cannot be a non-performer! haha

Any ideas guys?