2nd Cycle - Test/Deca/Dbol

39 y/o
17% bf

Im in the planning stage of my 2nd cycle:

W1-12 500mg Test cyp
W1-10 200mg deca
W1-4 30mg Dbol ED
Adex 1mg/wk

Also have caber on hand. Looking for input/tweaks. Also caber dosing advice. Not concerned about PCT because I’m on TRT. First cycle went ok (500mg/ test cyp - 11 wks) except for this fuckin chest acne. Not out of control but just doesnt want to go away.

I would bump the deca up to 400 to start, try caber at .5mg eod. If you are only taking your adex once weekly you are going to want to take it more frequently, eod or Ed due to its half life.

I should have been more specific. I’ll be taking the adex E3D and will be pinning 2x/week. I know the deca is low but will 200mg/wk not give me any additional size gains?

Also wonder if it would be better to stay away from the caber unless I need it or if I should still take it as a precaution with a low dose of deca.

I’m in a similar cycle right now.

wk 1-10 400mg/wk of Sus350 (split into two pins every 3.5days)
wk 1-8 200mg/wk of Nandrolone blend (split into two pins every 3.5days)
wk 1-4 50mg Dbol ED
wk 1-10 Arimidex .5mg e3d

I’m in week 5 and the last 4 days of Dbol and my lower back was killing me, the pumps were tough, made it hard to sleep. If I do Dbol again I’ll go with 30-40mg/ed at the most.
I ran the dex this way to help keep some of the bloat away but not all of it. It’s worked and I didn’t swell up but saw nice increases.
I chose to only run 200mg/wk of deca mostly for the joint benefits, time will tell how much it helps but my elbows are feeling much better now.

Hope your run goes well and you have your PCT laid out.

Update: Ok im going with this:
W1-12 500mg Test C/wk (250mg 2x/wk)
W1-10 300mg Deca (150mg 2x/wk)
W1-4 25mg Dbol ED

Adex W1-4 .25mg EOD, W5-12 .25 E3D
Caber w1-10 .5mg E3D
Gonna watch the ancillaries and make adjustments if needed.

Octupi how did dbol make it hard to sleep? Please elaborate.

The only time I had a hard time sleeping was the last week on Dbol. The back pumps were bad, but I think thats due to the 50mg/ed I was taking. Almost felt like my kidneys were pounding as I tried to sleep. Within two days coming off of it and that stopped and w/in 4 days the back pumps were gone. Thank god. :slight_smile: