2nd Cycle, Test/Dbol. Need HCG?

I took a 12 week cycle of test E at 500mg per week. I got great results. I have now had aprox 10 weeks off.

My testies literally shrunk away to almost nothing towards the end of the cycle.

They are now about 2/3s of what they used to be.

My second cycle I am looking at doing Dbol for the first 4 weeks and test E for 12 weeks at 500mg.

Could someone please advise if I should take HCG to bring my natural test levels back up? And when to take it?

I’d suggest more than 10 wks off

Post last shot, you’ve got about 4 wks for the test to entirely clear you’re system. However levels become sub physiologic around 2-3 weeks post shot, so pct starts around then, pct lasts around 4 wks. So 6-7 weeks after actually being off you’re “off” and you’re body can re attain homeostasis, 10 weeks off from THERE and you’re ready to go

Starting again now and continually do this 10 weeks on 10 weeks off” and you’re likely looking at TRT in the near future

Wait… did you pct at all?

Hcg acts an an LH mimick with its own set of potential risks, being on will shut you down further by creating a negative feedback loop similarly to use of AAS… if you thought HCG would make you recover off cycle then you shouldn’t be using AAS as you haven’t put in the research. You’re body will detect the HCG as LH, thus signal you’re pituitary to stop synthesising LH (of which is required for the production of intratesticuar testosterone, however HCG will fufill this job) when going off the HCG, you’re LH a will be at near or entirely undetectable concentrations

To add to the above poster’s comment: You should be taking a SERM for PCT, not HCG as he explained. Everyone will say Nolvadex. I say Fareston, but it may be difficult to get from a doctor.
Stay away from Clomid.