2nd Cycle: Test, Dbol. HCG and Nolva for PCT

I’m planning on starting my second cycle. Could use a second opinion on my dosing and such. Last cycle I took 500mg of test enanthate per week and used arimidex throughout because of itchy nips. Last pct was Nolva and HCG and it worked very well. Balls grew back to full size and I didn’t have any of the depression side effects people talk about. Gained 30lbs and lost a little over 10 after shedding water weight and adding more cardio to my routine.

Here’s what I’m planning for this cycle:

30mg dbol daily /4 weeks. At what time in the cycle should I start taking dbol? At first shot?
500mg test e split twice a week.
arimidex as needed, will probably need a lot.

40/40/20/20 Nolvadex starting 2 weeks after final test shot.
250iu HCG twice a week for a few weeks, starting a week or two before my last test injection.

I didn’t have a good diet last cycle so gonna focus on that. Meal prep and low sugar/soduim. More protein shakes and chicken breasts.

had a problem with bloat last cycle, was that cuz of sodium, estrogen, or what?
got stretch marks on pecs and bi’s, ordered vitamin e cream, any tips?
would appreciate any feedback.

I should probably add that I’m 5’11 200lbs

Is this a bulking cycle? If so you’d be better off in the long run skipping the dbol this time. If you got bloated on just test last time then adding dbol—which is the king of bloat for some guys—is just going to make things harder to manage. Try test only again and see if your new and improved diet doesn’t work wonders for you.

More concerned about performance. Strength and stamina. I was thinking about doing test and 1-2 iu gh but seems like dbol has really dramatic effects.

would cardio help with bloat? barely did any cardio last cycle.

Meh. The effect of dbol is Peter Dinklage: impressive, but short.

GH takes a long time to really kick in. Guys report serious water retention the first month, so yeah not be your best bet. It’s also insanely expensive and probably should be reserved for guys who have maxed out the other available compounds or who are older and need that boost to their recovery.

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So you recommend test only? My results last cycle were good but not shityourpants good. I wanna add something for an extra kick. Anything you think I should use instead of dbol?

Also, is receptor down-regulation a real thing? A buddy of mine was preaching to me about that. I’ve been told it was bro science.

How is gaining 30lb in 12wks not shit your pants good? What would you like to happen?!

I think your goals may be unrealistic man. Throwing more compounds won’t help you gain 50lbs this cycle. 30 is a solid cycle even if you kept only 20.

Stick with just Test E another cycle and see if you can get similar results again. See how your new diet + Test e does for you. Might even prevent estrogen rise a bit so you don’t need adex! Worth a shot.

If you want an oral as an add on then look at the ones that don’t aromatise, like anavar or tbol. Both can add some quality muscle and neither require any changes to AI protocol.

Receptor down-regulation is indeed bro science. During a time of supraphysiological anabolics/androgens receptors get down-regulated, but new receptors form. If I can dig up the study I’ll post it. But the one sentence version is basically “don’t worry about down-regulation”.

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Thanks for answering my questions, appreciate it.

I thought those were mainly used for cutting? Seems like the gainz from anavar and tbol are not really even worth the $, correct me if I’m wrong. I’ll prob end up using only test.

Is there anything I can take for my liver while using orals? Do you know what exactly causes bloating?

Happy Independence Day.

The one myth that needs to die in the world of steroids is that certain drugs are for cutting. I’ve heard it a million times and it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen many others correct it. It persists.

There are no drugs for cutting. None. Zero. You already own the best cutting tool available: your brain. If you can count then you can cut. Period. Everything else is just incremental. You can add quality muscle on any drug you use if it’s taken the right amount of time and you’re eating enough. You can use dbol—that watery mess of a miracle drug—to cut if you know how to do it.

Tbol will absolutely cause muscle gain. Ditto anavar. If you’re eating in surplus and training for it then you’ll gain more with a cycle of test + anavar than you would on test alone.

For liver health you can use NAC or TUDCA. I’d suggest reading up on both before deciding to do anything. If you choose to run test alone again—and that’s generally a smart choice—I’m sure you’ll get whatever good gains you work for. If you’re looking for a second compound and you want to avoid the bloat then anavar and tbol are probably your best bets.

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Agreed. I would stay away from the dbol especially if u had nipple issues. maybe up the test to 600 and/or add in some winny. imo winstrol is very under rated even for bulking. gotta get that food in and you will grow