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2nd Cycle Test/Dbol. Advice?

Hello Every one,

Love the website and all the help people get here so I decided to give it try and may be get some of all those good advices you guys are giving before starting my next cycle.

I am 26 always been very lean and doing all kinds of sports since very young. Not Far from getting pro Runner at the age of 15.

I have started lifting seriously for 4,5 years now although I only really got some mass when I understood diet a little better. I ran my first cycle when I was 25 did the Test only cycle. Went very well thanks to all the information on here. I do think tho PCT was a little short ( did the 40/40/20/20 nolva ) because my Natural Tes really crashed one month after and only gat up and running very well another 1 month later.

For the rest I am 1,80 cm so I think it’s 5’10 and 79 kilos so 175 lbs - 16-17 %bf
With my first cycle I gained about 10 kilos of wich I can say now for sure I kept 7-8 of clean muscle. So even with my test crashing a bit post pct I still was able to maintain a good amount of gains.

Now 1 full year has past during my Last Cycle I would like to run a second one. I feel more aware and ready of the effects and how my body reacts that makes me confident to do it better.

After weeks of getting knowledge just like I did the first time I am quit sure of wanting to try an Test « 12 weeks »+ Dbol « 4 weeks » cycle with the objectiv of getting a good kickstart and a good amount of mass thanks to the Dbol.

So now come the interesting part… The questions! :slight_smile:
Dbol is very dangerous for the liver. What would you guys recommand as medication during the Dbol cycle to ensure that it stays ok. I heard of Tucda ? But I am not quit sure on that part and was Hoping for help. How do I dose this medication ?

As for the Doses of the cycle I was thinking of
W1 to 12 - Test 500mg/week 2 shots a week
W1 10 g Dbol
W2 20 g
W3 30
W4 30

Does that seem fine ?

For my first cycle I did not use any Armidex as I wanted to use the less compounds possible to really know how my Body would React. This time it seems every one agrees that I would be needed for the Dbl + Test cycle.

So it would be like Armidex 0.25 Every day I am not injecting. However it’s still my first time with this so is it to use after 2 weeks of injections or right on the start ? Should it be used during the whole cycle or just when I start feeling some high oestrogenes effects ?

Now for the last part. I did felt that my last pct as I said above was not « strong » enough as I really restarted month after and not right after pct. So for the coming cycle who is harsher then my first one would you guys recomend keeping the

40/40/20/20 nolva 2 weeks after last injection

Or would it be wiser adding something like HCG during week 10 to 12 before starting the PCt or during the Pct ? Not so familiar with HCg but it seems to be working well for a lot of people here.
Or may be just do 20 nolva for 6 weeks instead of 40 / 20 ?

Sorry for my English as it is not my first Language and also sorry for all the Questions and thank already for all the answers and the time invested in helping people like me!

I am by no means an expert or even a seasoned AAS user. I have however, run the identical two cycles you have (with some very minor differences). I’ll tell you my experience, and what I would have done differently with the info I have now and experience. I am 5’10 and now just shy of 200lbs, so not far off, but your BF is slightly higher than mine has ever been.

First cycle, Test E 500 weekly for 10 weeks. Gained 20+ pounds and maintained 12 of that over the course of a year. Started second cycle Test E 500 and DBol 30mg daily for 3.5 weeks (false high blood pressure scare made me drop it early). I gained another 20lbs and maintained right about 10lbs of it this second cycle.

First cycle I ran aromasin and was tired all the time. Still had good gains, but it was a battle. Second cycle with dbol I did not use an AI and felt GREAT! I would still try to avoid an AI unless you start showing signs of high E2.

The biggest issue I had with the DBol kickstart, was using it as a kickstart. I gained 15lbs in just 3 weeks, looked full and good. Strength through the roof. BUT, it wasn’t lean muscle. Once I dropped the DBol, I missed it instantly, the feeling, the pumps, even slight strength decrease. The scale didn’t move but 5lbs the rest of my test cycle. It was a mind **** to say the least. I surely dropped some water, and put on some lean muscle when it was all said and done, but the benefit of the instant gratification of DBol kick start wasn’t worth the mind **** that followed. Maybe you can handle that better than I.

After reading (I believe Iron Yuppies) post about using it to finish cycles, everything he said clicked with me. I would have been better off running it at the end and during the 2 weeks in between last pin and PCT.

Look for his post on it, it was a great read.

I will be running Test E 500 and Anavar weeks 6-12 or 8-14 depending on length of my next cycle. I have high hopes that it will be the adjustment necessary for a great cycle.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for the answer ! I will look at the post you are talking about.

Wish you goog gainz with your next cycle buddy :slight_smile: