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2nd Cycle - Test Cyp, DBol and EQ

Hey guys,

To start off, my name is Max
I’m 20,
5’8" (kinda short)
210 lbs (stocky)
Bench 265 (prior shoulder surgery)
Squat 455
Don’t know BF%
I’ve been lifting for about 6 years

This is my second cycle, was on a Sust/Deca cycle a few months ago and didn’t really like it.

I’m starting a 12 week test cyp, dbol and eq cycle that looks like this:

weeks 1-12 test cyp @ 500mg/wk
weeks 1-10 eq @ 500mg/wk
weeks 1-5 dbol @ 50mg/day
weeks 1-11 hcg@ 500iu E5D

2 week break for eq and test to drop

PCT - clomid/nolva

Day 1 - clomid @ 250mg + nolva @ 60mg
Days 2 -11 - clomid @ 100mg + nolva @ 40mg
Days 11 -21 - clomid @ 50mg + nolva @ 20mg

I think I pretty much covered everything. I’m basically trying to bulk up and get stronger for my upcoming rugby preseason and following season.

Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated,