2nd Cycle. Test c+npp+Dbol and Armidex

So I’m getting ready to start my second cycle. I have been training for 3 years with some off time. I’m a very hard gainer, I have a very fast metabolism and just don’t seem to grow. A friend and co-worker turned me onto gear this last year. He’s an excellent coach and is very knowledgeable.

I did a low dose cycle of 600mg test c and 400mg deca a week for 12 weeks and was extremely impressed and happy with my gains. I put on 30#'s and have done well to keep it. Ive done some research on my own and talked to my coach and some guys I workout with and have decided to run

test c 250- at 500mg a week to avoid to much shock afterwards
Npp 150- at 300mg a week
dbol- at 30mg a day for first 5-6 weeks
armidex-.25 a day then will adjust.

I will be running the cycle for 12 weeks as a bulking cycle. I’m running the dbol for first 5 weeks with armidex to help with aromitization. After first 5 dropping dbol for remainder of cycle. I have a culinary degree and studied healthy nutrition so I have a very solid diet plan.

I eat healthy as it is lots of beef and chicken, lots of rice. Sweet potatoes instead of white. No white bread all whole grain breads. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables especially greens. I’m keeping it clean with high protein. Shooting for at least 4000 calories a day. I use muscle meds carnivore mass protein powder. I have a pretty good routine and am very disciplined.

Will be working one muscle group a day to avoid to much fatigue. Like I said I’ve got a good coach I’m mostly just looking to see what kind of gains and strength others got from this cycle. Any suggestions or positive comments.

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