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2nd Cycle, Sust and Deca


Hello guys going to be starting my second cycle soon, my first cycle was sust250 twice a week for 12 weeks pct was nolvadex and clomid, my second cycle I have is sust and deca, the sust I have is dosed a 400 and the deca 300 this will be my first time using deca,

I'm insure what to dose the deca at for the first time I had planned on dosing the sust and 400 twice per week and the deca at 300 twice per week also, but I am unsure as this is my first time using deca if it would be to much, I have armosin novadex and clomid as well as letrozol on hand for the cycle but I am also unsure should I run the letrozol through the cycle, the two questions I have the guys is deca dose ok and how to run letrozol during deca are the two dose related ? Any help on this ?




Nothing for prolactin?


Letrozol for prolactin ( caber )


Letrozol and caber for prolactin


Ouch…I hate Letro…Might want to look into Adex…And On sust…Since it has so much short ester in it…A lot of people have had great results with a EOD schedule. Good luck and have fun. I love the what deca does for my joints.


Ok thanks hombrewed, I can get some adex and run it at .5 e3d what about the dosing for the deca this will be my first run with deca is 600 a week to much ? Also should I only use the caber as and when needed?


Any input guys ?


I would run the caber throughout the cycle just in case, .5Mg 2x a week is a good place to start, adjust to sides, if any