2nd Cycle Suggestions

Hey guys, Planning out my 2nd cycle to start in a month,
1st cycle was 10 weeks 500mg Test E Pw- went great gained around 18lbs and kept all!

Would like to use this 2nd cycle to lean out a lil for summer,

Should I run just Test again? Or add in something else ie winny? Anavar?
Not sure if I’m ready for Tren !

Just looking for some input


Could run a 1000mg test. Or add in an oral if you’d like. Winny is shit unless your already lean, I like var or dbol, I prefer keeping orals to a minimum though.

I like high test for everything…pin frequently to keep bloat down, and your diet determines a bulk or cut more than gear.

Running low test and higher tren is a great way to lean out, and also keep the infanous tren sides down.

I did 200/test and 600/tren and leaned out quick, but started to feel lethargic, would sweat like a hog, and got insomnia.

But no blackouts or fits of rage lol.

Take a look at this mate


It is geared towards keeping gains, leaning up and keeping everything up and running for a smooth transition to natural training after, cost you a bit but you can always chop the GHRP, MGF and GRF and that would save you a packet and still give you all the results you want.

Thanks for the responses guys! I’m considering jacking up the test to 1000mg at the mo, I had basically zero sides at 500…

Sam_boy- how did that cycle go??
I haven’t looked into peptides in much depth but will check it out!
Where bouts in England you from?

I have the gear but haven’t run the cycle yet me and my mate plan to run it straight after new years together so will post a progress thread when I do.

Ye I hadn’t considered peptides as if you run them alone daily or multiple times a day then it is very expensive but as these are things that your body pulses anyway you can add it to an AAS cycle and get a good synergistic effect from it from what I have understood in my research anyway and it also makes the PCT transition easier. The benefits go on with no bad effects basically although its the tren and test that will build the muscle for an extra hundred quid it seems to make the cycle a lot healthier.

I am from Illford but am currently living in Norwich how about you mate?

Haha I’m planning to start mine new year, get all the Xmas shit out the way :slight_smile:
Sounds good I will look Into it and follow your thread!
Ah cool, I’m from Birmingham !

Ye alright mate let me know when you start yours too and I will follow it back, you decided on your cycle yet? Ordered your gear, remember the xmas post.