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2nd Cycle (Sports) Anavar or Dbol, or Mix It?


Hi guys, i am starting to plan my next cycle. If you have read my previous threads you know i have done an 8 weeks anavar 30mg ed . and i am satisfied.

for my next cycle i want to gain 2-4kgs of mass, and a lot of strength. i can not use a pct because of the time it will stick in my system.

i can get good anavar and dbol. How should i run them or one of them.


  • i want to avoid gyno and i dont want to suppress my testosteron production to much (cant run pct)

  • i am thinking of Anavar 40mg a day 6-7 weeks or small dose dbol.

Let the discussion begin.


If you can't run pct don't do AAS. Anything you take is going to suppress natural production, possibly irreversibly with out proper pct.


dont have the time for pct - then you have plenty of time to deal with the consiquences possibly for the rest of your life.

if you dont have time doing pct for orals why not just be on non detectable gear - TNE, test suspension and you are clean during competition, then proceed to finish the cycle and do pct... Detection time is approx 1 day


Would not T-production heal over time, i would not be shutted down by anavar, just suppressed. the old school guys did not have any pct right?

And anavar should be mild.? Appreciate your help, you have over 1000 posts and been member for 10 years... probably you have a lot of competence :slightly_smiling:


For me one of the most important things would be to keep as much as possible of the gains. better to gain a few punds who i can hold on , thats why anavar suits me well. Do you have any experience with raloxifene or other pcts who dont stay so long in my system?



Do someone have any experince with other PCTs than nolvadex and clomid? f.ex raloxifene, somthing that clear my system fast!


With real Oxandrolone (Anavar is the best known brand and a discontinued product, nvm tho) you would have approx 30% HPTA suppression at day 15 with 20mg ed. So guess what happens with your HPTA with 40mg for 6-7 weeks will do (if you are able to get oxandrolone at all, stanzolol is comonly sold as oxandrolone).

You probably wont see this sort of suppression from UGL oxandrolone, real oxandrolone is way more potent - last time Anavar was available in medicine 5mg costed 25$. But still you are going to up the dosage instead for probably the same result.
You dont keep your gains if you are no longer producing testosterone by your self. Besides if you are using Dianabol the detection time is 6 weeks.

i think you should start studying low budget doping for sports - hgh, insulin TNE...


What kind of sport are you doing?


c1 200m ( canadian canoe)


I know you would suggest a 3 week on test prop 300mg a week , followed by 3-4 weeks off , without pct. would I recover and get back to normal t-production without pct? - are the any sides to worry about on a short cycle like this? would d-bol be good to use instead of test prop? I like that you have references from your sport and coach, have you tried this yourself?


You wouldn't even be shutdown in the first place. Search on Bill Roberts, he offen refers to a study which showed that the first 2 weeks you actually produce more testosterone, in response to the extra test or something, I don't remember exactly what. Dbol only could be used, but at the dose that is necessary to be effective at it's own (50+mg ED), the pumps for most athletes are not torelable. As far as me, I have ran 3 short cycles before I jumped on the blast and cruise train (4 months ago). For the last cycle, I used test E at about 900mg for 3 weeks. I did no PCT. I kept the same I had kept from the previous 2 cycles (which I had run a PCT), which after about 3 months, was nothing lol.


how to avoid gyno, isnt gyno a risk if i cant use pct?