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2nd Cycle Recommendations?

Thank you in advance for the help. I recently did my first cycle and well it was not done well. For starters the advice I was given was not the best, ended up doing 250 test c 500 deca for 4 weeks 500 test c and 500 deca than back to 250 test c 500 deca for the last two weeks. A total of 8 weeks. First half dbol last half winstrol. I know now this not a good first cycle and quite disappointed that I wasted my first cycle. My pct didn’t go very well either. Anyway I would like to do a second cycle and get the maximum from it. I have been lifting for about 4 years and have been on a plateau for the last year or so. I am currently 25 yo 6’2” 190ish pounds and would like to ultimately hover around 215. I train different combat sports everyday about twice a day and than lift 4 days a week. I don’t know what other info to include. Let me know thanks.

If you train right with weights then Testosterone is not your problem but eating is. At 25 with just 4 years lifting you are very impatient and it would be better served if you ate more and did less cardio (combat). But I understand.

I’d just do 500 mg Test C per week for 12 weeks as if it were your first cycle since your first cycle was so messed up and inefficient.

Are you a combat sports professional? I mean you are training 18 times per week total, there has to be a reason for this?

I am generally pretty good with my eating. First two years of training I gained 40lb and than another 20lb last two. I would say if anything my problem would be organization and planning. I’ve never followed any program and have just done random stuff but worked hard. I can agree that I am impatient. I had made the last 4 years of my life revolve around eating and bulking because i am naturally very skinny. I am just not content with where I am currently at and would just like to walk around a little heavier and stronger and just be able to maintain body weight rather than take a few more years really trying to stuff my face and go crazy in the gym. As for the sports I just enjoy them a lot , the workouts in the sports are always intense so even though I go twice a day sometimes it’s very light. Not professional, do compete, started around a year ago transitioning from lifting everyday for 2 hours a day to sports and less lifting.

Just do test, and perhaps at a oral that doesn’t convert to estrogen like tbol or anavar. Training should be focused on progressive overload on the big lifts. How much you gain will likely be determined in part by how strong you are. Try to gain 50 lbs in lower body lifts if they are under 400 lbs, less if they are above that. 30 lbs in upper body if you are benching sub 300, less of you are pushing big weight.

Just calculating some simple percentages:
You started out weighing 130lbs and in two years you gained 40lbs. That is a 30% weight gain. Wow!
Then at 170lbs you gain 20lbs more the next two years. Granted you slowed to an 11% weight gain.

You said you had hit a plateau. Your 4 year weight gain was a steep curve. I can imagine your expectations are to maintain that rate of progress. Most likely your progress will slow. You will be experiencing more and longer plateaus between gains. But the gains will come if you keep lifting.

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Sorry I should have been more detailed in the way I explained my gains. I started at 143, got up to 205 and went down to 190. This was over the period of 4 years. During this time I followed no workout program or diet. I ate what I considered healthy but an excess amount and with it came extra fat. This is the reason why I have fluctuated so much with my weight during the middle two years. Thought the four years I have maintained decent muscle gain going from 143lb to a decent 190ish don’t know BF% but if I had to guess maybe 12%. I don’t expect the same rate of muscle gain after four years , but getting bigger and stronger as fast as possible is always the goal. I don’t want anymore than 25lb really and would just like to be able to maintain weight. I also work as security sometimes and it’s always nice to be big for that job!

Still it calculates to an impressive 33% weight gain over 4 years. That is good progress. I have seen a large percentage of people through my 53 years of weightlifting manage as little as 10lb gain in muscle over 4 years. IMO, you are an easy gainer.

As to your 2nd cycle, my suggestion would be on the conservative slant. My cycles that I did during the '70’s, '80’s and '90’s I considered as aggressive, but by today’s usage they look conservative.

History of my cycles: I started using only D-bol for 10mg a day for 8 weeks with a 4 week off cycle the first year. By the second year or so I had increased the D-bol to 15mg a day and keep the cycle time the same. This went on from 1972 thru 1977. It was in 1978 that I introduced testosterone (200mg/week) along with an assortment of anabolics.

I had incorporated a cycle philosophy whose foundation was based on one androgen (testosterone) and two or more anabolics.

So, my suggestion for your 2nd cycle would be 200mg/week testosterone plus a moderate dose of an injectable anabolic (ex. 200mg Durabolin, 50mg Equipoise, 50mg Winstrol V, 78mg Parabolin, etc) and a moderate dose of an oral anabolic (ex. 20mg D-bol, 50mg Anadrol, 20 mg Anavar, 20mg Winstrol, etc.

I know most everyone will say these doses are small. But my philosophy is start with as little as you can to get gains. Then as gains come slower increase the dosage in latter cycles. I never “cruised”, as is popular today, it seems. When I was “off”, and it was at least 4 weeks (orals and 6 weeks injectables), the only PCT I used was 20 days (1 cc every other day) HCG.

The day I started to see results and decided to incorporate AAS to optimize my potential, I also decided that I wanted to look as good as I could in my older age. I wanted to go BIG and go LONG

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Thanks for the response. Big help!