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2nd Cycle Questions


I have a few questions/clarifications regarding my 2nd cycle.
Front Loading
Cycle Length/Cutting EQ 2 weeks before cycle ends.
How many days after the last injection to start PCT (Test-E)
Add any more compounds?

Age 31 Height 5â??11 Weight 193 BF 9.8%
Lifting off and on for 12 years. Last 3 years have been consistent. Prior to that I was in the army it was hard to stay consistent and I suffered from training ADD (Changing my program/splits every 6 weeks).
Biggest Weakness: Gaining weight, I weighed 110 pounds when I was 19.
Goal :To be able to retain a bodyweight of at least 205 pounds at 9% body fat. If I can add more weight while still dropping to 9% it would be a secondary goal.

Previous Cycle 1 Cycle Length 10 Weeks
Test-P 400mg(split between 4 injections)
DBol 25mgED (split between 4 doses, the extra 5mg were taken with the does prior to training)
Armidex .5mg X3 a week
HCG 250 X2 a week
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Planned Cycle 12 Weeks
Test E 500mg-Front Loaded with 1000mg
EQ 500mg-Front Loaded with 1400mg
Armidex .5mg X3 a week (Run until just prior to PCT)
HCG 250 X2 a week (Run until just prior to PCT)
Nolva 40/40/20/20
Front Loading -I used the steroid calculator. Do these numbers look acceptable?
Cycle Length â??I know EQ is supposed to be run for 12-16 weeks. I should still get results due to the front load correct? EQ should be cut 2 weeks prior to the end of cycle correct? If this is so week 10 will be the last with EQ. I have enough gear to run both all the way to week 16. Should I keep my cycle 10/12 weeks or go 14/16 (eq/test)
PCT how long after that last shot should I wait for PCT. First time using T-Enanthate. Last injection will be on a Friday. Do I wait a week from Monday (10days) or 2 weeks from Monday (17days)?
Add any more compounds to help accomplish my goal?
A: Add nothing.
B: Anavar 50mg ED from week 6 until the day before PCT begins
C: DBol 30mg ED for 8 weeks from the start. (Previously took 25mg. 5mg 8 AM,10mg 2PM (Prior to Training)/5mg 8PM,5mg 2AM. Where should I add the other 2 tabs in? Or should I go 5mg 6,10,2,6,10,2. Or does it not matter.
D: Deca The concern I have is not knowing if my body responds better to the Deca or EQ, and also if I get sides what compound they came from. If it is a good idea to add this how much 250 or 300 a week? Due to the half-life should I cut it 2 weeks prior to the end of the cycle like the EQ.
E: Other

Thanks for any input


well, if your goal is to gain weight (and you have a pretty reasonable goal there), i’d go with deca. however, ensure that you use something to control prolactin…