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2nd Cycle Questions (Turinabol and EQ)


Hi guys,

My first cycle was the simple 500mg Test E during 11 weeks (dropped 2 vials ...). Had A-dex 0,25mg EOD and PCT was Nolva 40/20/20/10/5.

For my second cycle I was thinking about following:

Week 1-14: Test E @ 500mg/week
Week 1-13: Equipoise @ 500mg/week
Week ?-?: Oral Turinabol
Week 17-20: Nolva PCT

I will front load both the Test and the EQ as follows:

I inject E3D, so the first injection will be 750mg Test E and 750mg EQ. All the next will be 250mg as normal.

My questions:

1) I have enough Turinabol for a dosage of 60mg during 6 weeks. Since I will be front loading Test and EQ, will it be better to keep the Turinabol at the end and use it to bridge towards my PCT? Like the last 4 weeks of the cycle + 2 weeks before the PCT and start PCT the day after the last dosage of Turinabol?

2) I've been reading a lot about EQ (boldenone) and I have mixed feelings about it. Some say it has decent lean gains when taken for long enough (+12 weeks), but others say it isn't worth it. Is there a possible alternative for it? Trenbolone is out of the question due to the sides. I try to avoid much water retention, so no Dbol (at 500mg of Test E with 0,25mg EOD Adex, my bloat was minimal).

Of course I have Arimidex on hand etc.



Tbol is an excellent compound. I would add it for the first 6 weeks at that 60mg dose. I stopped after week 6 because I could do anything without getting a painful pump. Leg days were hard because I could squat or leg press without getting bad back pumps


Sounds like you got dbol there man.

I know very well the back pumps youre talking about and Ive only experienced them on dbol. Tbol at 60mg caused no issue at all for me in that regard. Im not saying youre wrong but theres a chance it wasnt tbol considering tbol is a little more than twice as expensive as dbol.


tbol is a great drug OP. Many prefer it over dbol specifically because it doesnt create the same backpump problem as dbol.


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Thanks for the replies guys, but should I take the Tbol as kickstart even when I front load or should I keep it for the end of the cycle and bridge with it towards PCT?


My dose was at 150mg for 2 weeks and 100mg for the remainder of the time. Im only 185-190