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2nd Cycle Questions. Need Advice

Hello Everyone. I am glad to be part of Steroidology. I have been reading here since long and here for few days and no doubt it was of immense help.

There is lot to share, discuss and to ask.

Age: 32
Height: Five 4
Weight: 68 kg
Body Fat: Somewhere between 13 to 16.
Goal: 75-78kg, left after cycle and pct exhaustion, falling down after the dismissal/release of water retention weight. More bodybuilding look rather then the physique look.

Breif History:-
In mid December last year I started my 1st cycle which ended in January this year. 3 weeks: 1 Anabol 5mg (Methandienone), 1 Amino tab, 1 Multi vitamin and 1 anti-inflamatory steriod tab (dont remember the name). And for last 3 weeks i doubled the dose of Anabol. Rest remained the same.

I gained almost 4 to 5 kg, a nice amount of muscle. I ate very clean. No spices, very less oil, and very less sugar, with Muscletech NitroTech twice a day. My pct is over now with Clomid 50mg 2 weeks and Nolva 30mg. Then Clomid 25mg and Nolva 10mg for 2 weeks.

Blood work is absulute OK before I started the cycle. Febuary was the month of PCT, post-cycle blood work will be done in the 1st week of April. Worst part is that I didn’t check my T-levels proir to the cycle. I believe, I am not sure, it somehow effected my libido. Now the sex drive and wood is back!

Questions So Far:-
What I used, will it be called a cycle? If yes then naturally coming cycle would be my second one. Why I doubt it as a cycle is that I know it was quite underdozed, 1st time ever use of a steroid which was oral. I do not know the authenticity of the medicine, original or fake. A lot I had eaten, whey protein twice a day, first time ever I used BCAA tab. Is it not the possibilty that what I gained, can be gained without Anabol.
The dosage of aas I have taken, does it really had the potential of giving any less of a side effect? Or I just remained extra consious.

Plan, suggestions required:
Plan is to start 2nd cycle which is Test-e at 500mgs/wk for 10 weeks.
What should I include with it; Dbol (Metandienone) Week 1- 5, 30mg/daily. Or, Tbol (Turinabol - Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) Week 1- 5, 30-40mg/daily.
Should I definitely add AI and HCG between the cycle? B’coz I lot of places I have seen where they are not included btw the cycle.
What should precisely PCT include?
When should blood work/test levels be tested?
What specifically be added in blood work and test work?
Cycle ended 30th Jan, PCT ended 28th Feb. When should I start the 2nd cycle?

What should be eaten is quite clear to me. Which things should be avoided? Which foods, or specifically any hearb/spices to avoid? Is there anythings which can cause severe interactions while on cycle?

I have tried to cover the main agenda, as accurately as possible. I will surely try to clarify if something is left. Your precious suggestions are more than apprecaited. Through your help I would be less demotivated and helpless at the end.

Thanking you in advance.

Insincere flattery and showing us you’re too lazy to fix your own copy/paste isn’t a good way to start off here.

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Yes, I posted the same on Steriodology forum. I am sorry for the trouble.

I’ll answer the question as if this were Steroidology, minus the grammatical errors:

“Bro, you need to up that dbol to AT LEAST 50mgs bro. You won’t get shit from 30mgs unless you have a vagina, bro. And you NEED to buy some HCGenerate immediately. It’ll keep your balls nice and fluffy, bro. Otherwise you’ll be all shriveled and you don’t want that, bro. HCGenerate is the only thing you can take that’ll work, bro. Also you can bridge to a third cycle with something like Ostarine, our sponsor BullshitSupplements.net sells it super cheap bro and it won’t suppress your natural test bro.”



You need to add a few more ‘bros’ and also forgot to talk about gainz (spelled with a Z in mandatory).

Bro 500mg of Test-E is also there with Dbol. And what if I do not add Dbol rather I add Tbol?
Also, AI and HCG both should have to be between the cycle? I have read that HCG during cycle is upto user’s preference.

Secondly when should I start this cycle?


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Is there any help on my concern?

My moral line won’t let me comment or give advice in regards to you and your proposed AAS usage. You obviously just have a very basic understanding and what I mean is you appear to have read the profile page of dbol saw that it helped in the bodies process of building muscle and said “that’s for me.” Unfortunately you took what you read as meaning “it builds muscle”.
From what I think you are asking it appears you need another six months of dedicated reading before you should proceed. I will not comment on your AAS usage questions.

I will comment on your other questions or at least to the best of my ability from what I think you are asking I will respond.

You asked if you should add AI and HCG between the cycles (still not sure if you understand what a cycle is). You then commented that you asked this because you don’t see other people saying to run these compounds BETWEEN cycles. First you might be miss using the term cycle but I will proceed as if you understand the term cycle. So let’s think about this, should you run two compounds between cycles but no where else except in your thread or head does anyone else seem to want to run these compounds between cycles…wait for it… perhaps if you are the only one thinking you might want to run them this way then maybe you don’t understand what they are, what they do and when to use them.
Go back and research some more. A good general rule is if you want to know if you run HCG between cycles then go type that shit into Google and if you don’t get pages of links discussing that issue then maybe you don’t understand and it’s not a good idea. If you get results about middle aged women using HCG to loose weight then you know that Google had to really reach to give you search results and you are way off base.

I will not tell you what to include in PCT, I will not write a plan for you to miss use and hurt yourself with. You do not understand what this site is for. I hesitate to say this next part because I feel like I am empowering you to go and continue this ill advised “2nd cycle.” What the hell you might get the picture and thus not fuck up your body for the rest of your life. GO GOOGLE THAT SHIT. It’s not like there aren’t shit tone of threads on this site about PCT protocol. Or maybe there are threads on this very site covering that question.

When should blood work be done…before your first cycle so you have a base line. But you already did your 1st “cycle” so…I still feel if I comment on this I will be encouraging you to proceed and I do not want to do that.

What should be added in blood work? I think you mean what should be tested. Again I just can’t bring myself to willingly and eagerly answer this because I would be condoning you to proceed. You seriously should know what to have tested from your six plus months of research before you started.

I want to leave you with some guidance. Go back and start the research over. Don’t do anymore steroids or hormones or anything other than protien and supplements until you understand them.
Topics to research and understand,
What is a cycle?
What is an Aromatase Inhibitor?
What is a SERM?
When do I use a Aromatase Inhibitor?
When do I use a SERM?
What happens to my endocrine system when I take synthetic hormones or what are commonly called steroids?
What is an estered hormone?
What is a half life and what does it mean?
What is HCG?
When do I use HCG in respect to steroid usage?
When do I not take HCG in respect to steroid usage?
Where does HCG come from?
Why is HCG useful in respect to steroid usage?
How often should I take a steroid cycle?
How much time should I allow between steroid cycles?

There are a lot more things you need to know but I will just start you out with those.

I would like to close with a heartfelt thank you. I couldn’t sleep and responding to this has allowed me to get the piss and vinegar out of me before my girlfriend wakes up.

This has almost pissed me off as much as the 18 year olds wanting to do Deca their first cycle.


I’m curious, what did the folks over at steriodology tell you?

I got it Sir, I took your advice much seriously.

Reading and getting maximum correct information is now the tasks. Thank you for your not so kind words lol, but it surely helps me think that I must be clear on many things before it’s too late.

I am clear on many things, I think my way of questioning made you think that I am highest level of dubmness lol. You see, I felt like even if I know many things I should ask like a child again from a Pro.

Thank you man. I expect your help later.