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2nd Cycle... Prop and Winstrol


here's my second cycle, i'm looking to do a little bit of body recomp. 6'2" 255 at about 17% BF. Ive done one cycle of Ph's, and a cycle a test and dbol previous to this. been on carb cycling for a solid 8 months.

Weeks 1-8: Test Prop 100mg EOD
Weeks 1-8: Liquid Oral Winstrol 25mg ED

PCT- Nolva 40/40/20/20

Keepin it simple, what do you guys think?


It's simple. Looks fine to me.


This is a cycle I might be interested in. I've read that PCT shoud start a few days after last shot of Prop bc it is a short ester. Does that sound correct?


correct. im planning to start pct 5 days after my last shot of prop


I've done that exact cycle except I used clomid for PCT, which I personally think is better, and had no problems.

If I could change anything I'd make it 100 mg prop ED, or perhaps 150 mg EOD.

Remember diet and training are the more important determinants than your choice of steroids when improving body composition.

Good luck...