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2nd Cycle Plans. Your Thoughts?

Im planning to do my second cycle. I got my bloodwork done, and everything was good.
Test e 500mg week, pinning every wednesday and saturday.
Turinabol first 6-8 weeks 30-40mg. Should i do 30 or 40mgs ?
I have armidex ready if needed.
Im starting pct 2 weeks after last pin. Nolvadex and clomid maybe some hcg.

I’d wait an extra week, bridge those with the HCG. Pick either Nolva or Clomid, no need to run both together

I’m about to do a similar cycle in a week or two except I’m taking Tbol at the end of my cycle and using it as a bridge towards PCT. I’m going with 30mg ed. I’m waiting for three weeks after my last pin before starting PCT and using only Nolva. Have you used Tbol before? If yes, what results have you experienced?

No i havent used tbol. My 1st cycle was sustanon250 250mg/week and 125mg deca/week. Had some awsome results but alot of water in my body. Now trying to get some leaner gains.