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2nd Cycle Planning

So I am now coming towards the end of my 1st cycle and am already keen to plan my second from what I have learnt in practice rather than just research. So I plan on running;

Week 1-10 Boldenone 250mg x 2 per week
Week 1-12 Test E 250mg x 2 per week
Week 1-14 HCG 250iu x 2 per week
Week 1-15 Arimidex 0.5mg x 2 per week
Week 15-18 Nolvadex 40\30\20\10mg per day
Week 15-19 Clomid 100\50\50\50\25mg per day

I’m thinking about running some peptides during PCT, maybe IGF, HGH and MGF but undecided on that currently

I do have two questions on what I have decided if anyone is willing to help and that is about the arimidex and HCG with enanthate should I run these from day 1 as there seems to be two schools of thoughts on these;

HCG some people say 250IU twice per week from the very beginning to prevent any shut down and others say 500IU twice per week 6 weeks or so before the end because any longer than that and the body stops responding to it.

Arimidex some people say its not needed until there is a build up and taking it early means having Estrogen too low possibly where as others say it takes a while to get in your system so best to start early.

Plan to start this beginning of August so any opinions on the above would be great.

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