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2nd Cycle Plan, Thoughts?


First off, English isn’t my first language so bare with me.

Starting my second cycle in about two months. My first cycle was 500mg sust/week for 12 weeks and i gained 18lbs and lost a little bf in the process.

cycle plan

1-16 650-750mg test (prop and e, i’ll taper the test up to 750 during the cycle.
1-15 400mg tren e
1-16 700mg masteron e
1-4 drol 50mg ed
9-13 dbol 50mg ed

prami as needed
adex as needed
hcg 250iu e3d all throughout the cycle
nolva if drol is causin gyno symptoms

nolva and clomid


maybe don’t go so crazy thats a lot of stuff man, why not just run sust again or test e and add a little dbol during the first few weeks, doing from just sust and adding tren, materson and 2 orals might not be the best idea, if anything drop the drol at least



2nd cycle do test and pick 1 other drug. I think a better choice would be just the test but I think we all know that’s not happening.

What are your goals? Strength? Cutting? This looks like an extremely advanced strength cycle. But Test Mast Tren make up the most popular cut stack ever made.

My first choice would be Mast as it is mild on sides and effective and also do both cut and strength very well.

Tren is a big boy roid and I try to avoid orals for health reasons.


Hi guys, thought i would make an update as i am 12 weeks into my cycle. Being my stubborn-ass-self I pretty much went with my original cycle plan. Do I regret it? Hell no. Could I have gotten away with less gear? Probably.

Cycle I have been running:

1-14 Test E 375mg (first couple of weeks I ran prop too)
1-14 Tren E 400mg
1-14 Masteron E 700mg
1-15 Hcg 250iu e3d
5-15 Prami .8mg ed
3-15 Adex .6mg e3d
1-4 and 11-14 50mg drol ed

I got my bloodwork done at the halfway mark and everything other than my prolactin was fine. So I have had to taper up my prami dosage quite high, as my starting dose of .25mg ed wasn’t doing basically anything. Other than that I have had very little sides, no mood swings, no night sweats, aggression, no loss of breath etc. Only side effect I have gotten was pretty awful heartburn, but I have gotten medicine for it and it’s all fixed up.

The gains:

In the past 12 weeks I have gained a crazy amount of strenght. In the first 5 weeks alone my squat 6rm went up by 90 pounds. As far as hypertrophy goes (my main goal) I have gained right under 28 pounds in 12 weeks. Probably would have already gotten to 30+ but mid-cycle I had trouble eating for a couple of weeks due to crazy heartburn.


You’ve gained 18lbs and lost BF in your 1st cycle and now just gained another 28lbs.
That’s over 50lbs of muscle less than 6 months. Why no progress pics?