2nd Cycle Plan, Test E/Dbol. Didn't Gain Size with First Cycle

Hey guys just wanted some info I’m running my 2nd cycle my first was 10 weeks of sus 270 540/wk I didnt gain any weight I added strength but little mass so I’m about to run 10 wk cycle of dboland at 40 mgs a day for 4 weeks and test e 250 twice a week for 10 weeks is this a good combo and what should my pct consist of I already have clomid AMD Nolva on deck also I used to p in n my quad but is the glute a better pin area thanks guys

If you didn’t gain off of 540/w then you simply didn’t eat and/or train enough. Period. What was your diet during the cycle?


^^This exactly. I gained 8 lbs of muscle in my first cycle and lost fat while fluctuating between slight surplus & slight deficit, I used 500mgs for 14 weeks. This is with 5 years of natural training. I can’t fathom how you didn’t put on any mass during your cycle, either your test is ridiculously under-dosed or you barely trained.

Hey guys thanks for the input, so I trained 5 days a week but your right I probably didn’t eat enough, so I just got My shipment in and I’m gonna run dbol 30mgs/wk and run test e 250 twice a week I’ don’t have any arimedex but have plenty of Nolva and clomid, do y’all think it’s OK with no nolva