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2nd Cycle PCT


second cycle:
wk 1-16: test-e, 500mg/wk primo, 400mg/wk
wk 1-6:anavar, 50mg/day

will run 250iu hcg per week during as well as .5 arimidex eod.

thoughts on this PCT:
continue 250iu hcg per week for 2 weeks, then
clomid ed for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20
nolva 20mg per day for 4 weeks

thank you to all who read and offer advice.


i'd skip a week of HCG prior to PCT. i'm also not a fan of clomid, nor stacking 2 SERMs.... i'd run Nolva at 20 mg, 4-8 weeks...


Currently running var at 100mg ed I'm on day 7 now vascularity is insane! chest veins popping, lat veins popping, pumps are pritty good no strength gains yet or much visible gains just lots of vascularity. I defiantly recommend running it as high as you can afford. Alota people told me not to bother running it below 80mg ed


I told ya!