2nd Cycle On The Browse

So I recently joined T-Nation, followed threads for a long while and just recently decided I wanted to make a post.

I’m looking to do my second cycle.

Going to list info out as BONEZ recommended!

I’m 21 years old
Been working out for years due to athletics, but since college I’ve really started lifting heavy. So, 3 years.
Currently Weigh 210 at about 14% body fat.
6’0" tall
One rep max on bench - 325lbs
One rep max on squats - 400lbs (working on that!)
One rep max flat bar curls - 110lbs

I’m looking to put on some good weight this winter, but preferably more lean mass.

I have my diet down and have been getting decent gains on that alone but would like to add in a little umph.

Previous cycle was a Sustanon 300mg mix from a UGL (Pain in the ass!Literally!) at 2 cc’s a week. Pinning 2x a week.

Didn’t get the results I wanted, put on about 12 lbs. but got good strength results, and did a 40/40/20/20 Tamoxifen PCT. I almost think most of my results were based off the change in my dieting because this is really when I began eating correct.

Also took Halovar PH, and I guess it was decent, no comparison to the sus. Not a fan of PH’s…

I’ve looked at some options one of which was a Tren/Test cyc. but everything seems so back and fourth on dosages, sides, etc. Not really sure how my body will react to the tren, so I’m hesitant.

Also thought about just running a Test E cycle at 500mg a week, pinning 2x a week. But unsure if I will be satisfied.

Just wanted to get some opinions/recommendations.



tren really isn’t that scary of a drug, people just don’t know how to use it properly.

If I were to recommend a test/tren cycle it would look something like this.

weeks 1-8
test prop 70-100mg Each week ED pins

Tren ace 500-800mg Each week ED pins

adex .25mg 2x a week

caber .5mg 2x a week

3 days after last injection nolva 40/40/20/20

I’m guessing start out lower with the tren and see how I react?

Would you run the caber through the PCT also?

And lower test to decrease sides of tren correct?