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2nd Cycle of M-Drol: Need Help with Cycle


So i'm preparing to start my 2nd cycle of M-drol (Or Superdrol, its the same component).

Last time i did a cycle was feb. 2009.

I am currently going to start my cycle in the next 3 weeks, so i want to take this time to do some research on how to effectively cycle this PH while minimizing health and hormone risks.

I have 40 pills to use, so i am just going to do a light cycle, but i still want to do it right, Here's some specs about me physically to help:

~150 lbs
6%-9% fat

I am also an ectomorph, or a hard-gainer, so its very hard for me to actually gain weight, i can pretty much eat whatever i please with no consequences, which is why i want to cycle.

Anyways, I want to do this right, so please, anybody who has REAL OR PROFESSIONAL experience with PH's, help me set up a layout to do the HEALTHIEST way to do a 40-pill cycle and PCT.

I have nolvadex XT (gaspari nut.) and this prescribed stuff called ANDROGEL (testosterone 1%)...i think that may work as a good way to keep real testosterone flowing during or after my cycle. I'm also aware there are tons of vits and supps to take to assist, i think i have most ready-to-go still, but please label off those as well.

Like i said. i am a Hard-gainer, so i'm absolute that a PH will give me huge gains, so i'm more worried about my Health, not results, so whatever cycle you all can advise me with would be appreciated. Thanks!


Go away


If you read anything in this forum before posting you'd have known your post is a joke .


Professional help? You think George Farah is going to log on to advise a designer steroid cycle? lulz


lolz? gay.

and i Just joined today.

I read "all you need to know about PH's" and it tells me nothing i didn't already, its a load of shit. All the author states as an answer for each Q is "it depends on this and this", gives no quality answers for anything, i mean i know everybody is different but damn no help at all.

When i say professional help i mean someone who has taken these supplements before, and knows what the fuck their talking about. Either help me out or dont comment.


Here, bonez, let me give you some more info before we start being hateful. this is what i have lined up as my cycle.

(after 10 days pre-loading vitamins: flax, fish, coq-10, yeast rice, hawthorne, milk thistle, saw palmetto)

week 1:

Mdrol 10 mg (1pill) = 7 pills
Vitamins (mentioned above)

Week 2:

Mdrol 20 mg( 2 pills) = 14 pills
Androgel 1 packet (5mg)

Week 3:

Mdrol 30 mg (5 days 3 pills, 1 day 2 pills, 2 days 1 pill) = 19 pills = 40 total.
Androgel 2 packets (10 mg)
3 test Oxo & Novedex XT (starting day 3 of week 3)


Week 1:

All Vitamins mentioned at top
Androgel 2 packets (10 mg)
3 Test Oxo & novedex XT

Week 2:

Androgel 1 packet (will run out by end of week)
3 test Oxo & Novedex XT

Week 3:

3 Test Oxo & Novedex XT

Week 4:
Vitamins and everything else until i run out.

  • My roommate, a pharmacy intern, says overlapping these things with the cycle will help my hormones neutralize in a fashion so i wont get gyno
  • I am thinking that Nolvadex (tamoxifen) would be a good idea for PCT too

Okay lets try this again...I want help doing this cycle SAFELY, Bonez, or anyone, help assist me with this cycle, criticisms and advice are appreciated thanks.


Your roomate is either fucking with you or needs to rethink his career choice.

Please do a search. There are countless threads on superdrol. You may have to type in more than one search term. /handholding


Yes, finally. Now you're onto something.

Eat significantly more than normal, lift hard but listen to your body, stay away from OTC ancillaries that sound like the real thing but most surely aren't, and run PCT for 4 weeks. Healthy supps are fine but their effects are generally minuscule so don't spend too much time or money on them.


@ Bonez:

He's actually a really smart guy, but i wasn't sure to agree w/ him either, thats why i joined here for advice. So would you not recommend overlapping Androgel (test) halfway through the superdrol?? and when should i take it if not...last day of my PH cycle??

I'll do a search as well lol

@ Who:

I did Nolvadex (tamoxifen) comin off my first cycle, this is a SERM right? I'm guessing taking this would probably be more effective than trying to get the same effect from Nolvadex XT and 3 Test Oxo?? or would you recommend me to stack it all as my PCT??

Gotta run to class can't research now..but thanks for the advice, if either of you have links to these pages that will cut down my time to search that'd be appreciated too, thanks guys.


Yes, nolvadex is a SERM. Don't bother with the OTC products. And between the stickies here and googling with a few reasonable parameters, it's not difficult to find info...just use your brain and filter out all that which strikes you as clearly garbage. My time is valuable too and I'm not going to dig up links.

Androgel on cycle would supply you with some estrogen once you're shutdown. Not the best way to go about it, but I can see it's benefits, in theory.


True, thanks Who.

So how does my cycle and PCT look then (assuming i do get Tamoxifen)? is there anything missing? And should i scrap away with this whole "overlapping" PCT cycles my roommate is recommending?

I got slight Gyno delayed after my first cycle about 2 months after PCT was over (i think partly cause i kept using Test-boosters, dumb move), but after 2 months of complete cleansing, and correct food/sleep and plenty of sexual activity, the bump barely exists.

Tamoxifen, Androgel, Novedex XT, and 3-test-oxo is my staple for the PCT, and other than Tamoxifen at 40/40/20/20, i'm going to take the other two as directed on back of bottle.

Any advice to keep my pecs looking like pecs and keeping my heart and liver from failing would be great. If my PCT looks wrong in any way call me out on it, i dont want a repeat of last cycle, thanks.


Androgel for PCT????? Wrong move.


Pc dude:

if you looked at any of my cycles you'd see that its just part of my PCT.

As of now i'm going to overlap Mdrol with the androgel over a week into the cyce, and halfway thru and use androgel as part of the PCT.

Please, if your going to say that my schedule is not effective then help me better it. thats why i joined TNation.


Pc dude:

if you looked at any of my cycles you'd see that its just part of my PCT.

As of now i'm going to overlap Mdrol with the androgel over a week into the cyce, and halfway thru and use androgel as part of the PCT.

Please, if your going to say that my schedule is not effective then help me better it. thats why i joined Tnation.


Use only tamoxifen as your PCT like Who said..


Why would you add androgel into PCT? I think you need to wait until you understand what you're doing. This stuff is easy to find.

Do a little research and you'll understand.


If i come off of Mdrol i wont have any testosterone cause my body would have shut it off after 3 weeks of this component flooding my system, thats why i figured i'd overlap it as part of my PCT.

So Tell me why not use it?? What would it hurt? sounds like a better way to control test than using some Test booster from GNC or taking tribulus


Because Androgel will simply keep you shut down, or shut you down even further - the exact opposite of what you want for PCT. Do youself a favor and learn about the function of your HPTA before you use any of these drugs.