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2nd Cycle, New Test Dosage!


hi there

i have done and finished my first cycle, it was great and very successful and i am very happy with my results...

first one was

12 weeks of
500mg/test enanthate

i have gained about 10 kgs...

i have rested 3 months after the first cycle and now its time for the second one... i already planned it and got it on excel... any advice will be appriecated from you guys


Use the HCG on cycle or during the last weeks and stop 4-5 days BEFORE starting the SERMS. Run the SERMS for 6 weeks.

Personally I would get bloodwork first to see if I’ve fully recovered from the last cycle but it’s up to you I guess.


Don’t run the hcg during the use of serms


^i agree with these fellers.

i’d also run the A-dex for weeks 17-18, or at least be prepared to run it then.