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2nd Cycle Need Some Suggestion

This is my second cycle. I just started trenbolone 2 cc’s a week not sure how many mg’s per cc since the guy made the tren at home. I know it sounds shady but he’s a pharmacist and it is working after taking it for 4 weeks. I’m stronger and bigger.

Anyways, I’m also taking 250mg of test ethanate a week. I want to add something to get ripped. i’m thinking of adding winny 50mg a day. for about 4 weeks. right now i’m on my 5th week of tren and test ethanate. I plan on stacking all 3,
week 5- 500mg / week test ethanate, 2 cc’s of tren a week plus 50mg of winny daily for weeks

Is this a good cycle? What can i do to make it better as far as getting ripped.I’m also not sure how long to run the winny with the tren and test ethanate? I’d appreciate any feedback and sorry if I sound like a noob.

hold on for the flames…

Winny will probably do jack for you.

Diet and cardio + tren and test + AI if you want lean

thanks smith machine. but i’m curious why do u think the winny won’t do jack for me?

Because you are on two of some of the more potent steroids there are.

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
Because you are on two of some of the more potent steroids there are. [/quote]

Exactly, and winny is weak at best.

Plus steroids wont rip you just assist you.

If you cant get ripped during a tren cycle, nothing will.

It’s all about diet when getting lean, with cardio to assist you in fat loss. AAS are simply used to help prevent muscle loss(catabolism), and if your on the right gear and not too far below base line calories they can aid in anabolism

thanks guys i appreciate your help.

hey pitbull what do u do for cardio?