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2nd Cycle. Need Some Experienced Users Advice

Well Ive been holding onto this stuff for a while now waitin for the right time to use it. I actually dont even feel like doin another cycle at this point because after my first cycle i’ve realized much more about training and i think theres much further i can go before i need gear to make progress.

But anyway, i have this nice little stash and no way of gettin rid of it so i figured i might as well just do it.

The stash consists of 7000mg Test Prop and 1500mg Dbol

I wanna keep the cycle short

Now considering this is only my second cycle, what would be the best dosage/duration?
Of course you’ll want some stats…

6’1" 250lbs, got some lard to get rid of

deadlift 525 raw

Dont barbell bench because of shoulder injuries
However i do use the hammerstrength plate-loaded machines incline/decline.
4 plates each side for reps

Dont squat because a straight bar kills my shoulders and my gym has no safety squat bar.
Leg press 1430 for 3

Just some basic stats that hopefully help to give you an idea of where i’m at.
I plan on keeping my diet the same as it is now so as to hopefully stay around the same weight.
I’m hoping that this will yield a small amount of fat loss while gaining a few more lbs of muscle. Let me hear your thoughts.

Edit: standard nolva pct 40/40/20/20 and letro throughout cycle


BF% ?

Cycle history?

Test and dbol are great for keeping muscle during a cut or gaining muscle during a bulk but not for loosing fat unless you have something for estrogen control which you have nothing mentioned.

You will likely bloat alot which will make it difficult to see if you are loosing fat or not.

I say get an AI.

Very hard to do what you want with that gear in a short time.

I say bugger it bite the bullet and just focus to loose the fat (and body weight) while concentrating on retaining strength and muscle size.

Diet will have to be immaculate

Definetly want an AI. What is your steroid history, how many cycles, what drugs? The key here is going to be your diet first, then your training. With Test and D-Bol there is going to be water retention. You will have amazing pumps from the D-Bol, freakish almost…

I would recommend focusing on your diet, like I said above, and then for your training focus on frequency. You need to have daily doubles, at least two times a week because you have some lard to lose. I am a pretty big fan of moderate to low doses, so something like 150mgs every other day of test and 25-35 mgs a day of d-bol. Of course, the test would be best injected every day, so it would break down to 75mgs every day.

Should you decide to cycle try this cycle for 8 or 10 weeks
100-150mgs prop eod weeks 1-8 or 10
40-50mg dbol ed weeks 4-8 for 10 weeks or 2-6 for 8 weeks
Adex .5 as needed (2 or 3 x week)

Honestly though you have right in so as getting more training in naturally before begining anabolics. Get to your max strength gains (hit the wall so to speak) then begin the use of anabolics. You will be end up miles ahead. This is certainly true if you are under the age of 26 yrs (this only my opinion)

Reading comprehension levels on T-Nation…undetectable.

[quote]TxCASH wrote:
Reading comprehension levels on T-Nation…undetectable.

You still have not answered my questions and what was wrong with them?

You have done one cycle…one cycle of what?

How old are you?

What is your bodyfat %?

We’re not mind readers mate…

You can string together some nice 2 on 2 off cycles with that stash, and it will help you get where you want. I think you’d be happy with that. Just search for some threads on it on here.


If your only motivation for running the cycle is cuz you have it, you may want to reconsider using it at all.

[quote]OTS1 wrote:
If your only motivation for running the cycle is cuz you have it, you may want to reconsider using it at all.[/quote]


I dont see the benefit outweighing the risk if you dont want to do the cycle at all. I second the fact that you shouldnt be doing a cycle because you have the compounds. If you feel you can achieve the goals naturally cheers to you mate and if you do achieve them then hats off to you bro to having the discipline to turn down the cycle and achieve your goals without it.