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2nd Cycle - Need Opinions


I'm 34 yrs old, 5"7, 176lbs, at 12%BF. I've been lifting on and off for 10 yrs and for last 2 yrs consistently. I work out mon-fri. My diet

5am 2 cups cottage cheese
7am 6 eggs, 1 potato, 8oz OJ
9am 1serving oatmeal
11am 6" subway chicken breast double meat
1pm 6" subway chicken breast double meat
3pm 1serving oatmeal
4:30 workout
6pm 10oz beef patties with 1/2 cup white rice
8pm 2 cup cottage cheese
10pm ON weight gainer

I will start 2nd cycle ... Test cyp, Dbol, and EQ
1-6 DBol 25mg ed
1-16 test 600mg/week
1-16 EQ 400mg/week
1-16 ADex ed 0.25mg
1-16 Hcg 250/week
18-20 nolva 40mg ed
Please let me know what you vets think about cycle and diet? My 1st cycle was 500mg test cyp 1-16 and 25mg DBol 1-6
20-22 nolva 20mg ed


Looks pretty big for a second cycle. Also looks like you're not getting enough protein. I mean, ONE protein shake? The fuck? And not even after your workout.


agreed, your diet isn't great bud.