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2nd Cycle Need Help/Advice

So again I’m going to be using Test E + Dbol
Last time when the cycle ended I completely lost all sex drive, floppy dick for awhile
I used Nolvadex as a PCT, don’t remember the dosage correctly

I want to do a Test+Dbol cycle again as my last one was great besides the side effects after the cycle. (over a year ago now.)

Any tips on dosage and PCT I could use to prevent this?
or cycle dosage tips whatever helps!

How much of each do you plan to run?

Based on the aromatization of both compounds, I would guess you had high E2, but without blood work it is impossible to know for sure. You most likely need an AI to prevent ED and loss of libido. I personally have a low E2 level (low end of normal range) when I am not on cycle, so I think this makes me more prone to estrogen based sides when I start blasting, and even on TRT I have to run an AI.

PCT does nothing to help with ED while on cycle.

Why not consider Tbol? No aromatization.


Anadrol is about as powerful as dbol with a lot less aromatization as well.

IMO, tbol is underrated. Much easier to manage, and not super hard to get legit tbol.

I’m cutting at the moment on just trt, but once I’m where I want to be, I’m thinking of running a short blast of trt with test e (200mg/wk), test prop at 150-200 mg/wk and tbol at 40mg/day. I will let the prop build up for two weeks, then run the tbol for 6 weeks. Hopefully more muscle than when I started the cut, at a lower body fat level. Only 8 weeks. Should be looking good for summer.

I’ll then do a longer blast for the fall/winter.

Agreed. I love anavar but it literally causes pain in my legs to the point of affecting my sleep. I’ve been running 50 mg of Tbol split in 2 doses for a few weeks now and have no issues.