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2nd Cycle Need Advice

I’ve picked up more sus, enough for 12 weeks/500 aweek. Have some primo depot and plan on doing 400mg a week/weeks 4-16. Have EQ also,should it be used in this cycle, and when?

I’m trying to get the best out of this cycle, need to know if HCG should be used. If so, what weeks? And should D-bol be a part of this at the begining? Also,clom or Nolva?

Personally I would run the EQ @400mg/week for weeks 1-10. Add in dbol @30mg/day for weeks 1-6. In general I don’t like primo, but some people swear by it. If you are looking for mass I wouldn’t bother with it.

A better choice for mass IMO would be deca instead of EQ, but thats just me. If you are prone to gyno you may need some form of low dose AI. Keep the nolv on hand for PCT (if you don’t taper) or in case of a mid cycle gyno issue.