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2nd Cycle Need Advice

Ok so I’m just wrapping up my second cycle , first cycle was test cyp only for 12 weeks at 500mg and I put on some good mass . Put on about 25 pounds and keep about 17 after my pct . So this cycle I went with deca and test cyp , 500 mg deca and 600mg test but I’m on week 10 and have only gained about 15 pounds and I have been stuck at the same weight for a couple weeks now .

My first cycle gear came from a friend and they moved so my second cycle gear came from an outside source . Do you think I got bad gear ? Or an I under dosed ? And I am 6’3 255 pounds sitting right at 10.5 % bf . I train very hard and eat as much And as clean as I can , always on the road so it is hard sometimes . Any advice would help and any advice on a good 3rd cycle , to put on some solid mass . Thanks

You put on 15lbs in ten weeks and your not happy? If it was clean weight that’s a pretty successful cycle in my opinion. Up your food intake. Basic principles of the body still apply. If your not growing fast enough then eat more.

I am very happy that I have gained 15 pounds in 10 weeks , but in my first cycle I keep gaining weight as the weeks went on but I have been stuck at 15 pounds for about 3 weeks now . That’s the only things I’m worried about .

Eat some more and see if that does it

Yea man , I’m not upset that I have put on 15 pounds in 10 weeks , it’s that I haven’t gained any weight in couple weeks and on my first cycle I gained weight every week for the whole cycle .

Thanks bud , I been trying to eat more , I travel a lot for work so it’s hard sometimes to get all my meals in . Is there anything I could do in the future like per load or something ? Any help please

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get all my meals in because of work as well so sometimes if I know I’m gonna be moving all day I will have a few bigger meals when I can or what I’ve found that works well when im bulking to get the extra calories ill replace one of my protein shakes with a weight gainer protein shake

eat eat eat and eat some more!!!