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2nd Cycle, Loss of Libido


Hey guys, looking for any help or suggestions reguarding my low libido, loss of erection problem that i am having during this cycle.

New to this forum so i will attempt to provide as much factoring info as possible.

I am 28 years old. I first ran a cycle last year of 500mg test e per week for 25 weeks, yes long i know for first cycle. Arimadex .25 eod. Pct with clomid, nolva and hcg. During that cycle my libido was through the roof the entire time. No problems. The one mistake i made was i was uneducated at the time about estrogen rebound without tapering arimadex, and i stopped it abruptly around last test shot thinking i no longer needed its protection. Looking back i realised that especially since i used hcg for last two weeks i should have remained on arimadex longer and tapered off after hcg. From what i could tell i pctd ok other than nasty chest acne that i now attribute to estrogen rebound. I stayed off gear post pct for 7 months and felt fine the whole time. Mood, sex drive, libido, and energy were all just as good as before the cycle all fine. The only thing that remained was the nasty chest acne that would not seem to go away.

So after 7 months of being off i decided to go on the cycle that i am currently on.
Teste Ace 86mg ed
So the cycle started off great, due to the extremely fast ester of ace, i noticed libido go through the roof as soon as a week after first shot. Chest acne after 7 months was actually starting to drasticly disapear around the 2nd week of the cycle. After the 4th week i started to notice bloat, and sensitive nipples. This is where everything got messed up. I had research site stane on hand and started to administer a very small dose of 6.25 ed Around this time i realised my libido was lowering. I was with a new girl and the sex was great up untill this point. But from this point on it was so hard to maintain erections no morning wood, low libido. I increased stane to 12.5 eod for few days then when nothing changed i upped it to 12.5 ed.
At this point my libido was still shot so i finally decided to get bloods.
Test was >1500 (not bunk gear)
Estridol was 31.7 slightly high

At this point i decided to increse stane to 25 ed to try to lower estrogen. I did this for a week and nothing changed, (meanwhile cialis and viagra both are pretty much ineffective and i am still experiancing trouble maintaining erections even while taking these).
Finally i switched to arimadex which i know worked for me in the past and i have been on .5 eod for the last week and a half with no improvement to maintaining erections.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the fucking book i just wrote guys but im trying to create a complete picture for anyone to be able to use for advice. Thanks!


Do you have nolvadex on hand, I think the problem has to do with binding. You have ran 2 different AI, in a blast most of the time I would recommend nolvvadex. Or it could be since its acetate you reached your levels aren’t staying level. I would try some teat e or c to see.


No, no nolva on hand at the moment. Would u recommend running that in conjunction with an ai? Also your theory about the ace makes sense too, i was actually thinking that fluctuating levels due to the fast ester could be playing a part in all of this.

Thanks for the reply
I am also thinking on getting more bloods on monday with the peolactin panel to see if prolactin is too high.


Bump, need suggestions. Thanks


Get blood work. Go from there maybe try running enanthate or cypionate