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2nd Cycle Log (Cut/Recomp) (Test E/Tbol/Clen)


So im 23, im 4 weeks into my Test E and Tbol cycle, heres how its set up so far.

Test E 500mg Weeks 1-12, Monday and Thursday Pins
Tbol Weeks 9-14 @50mg ED
Clen i started the first two weeks at 20-60mcg each day and started having weird chest pains so i stopped and theyve subsided.
Adex 1mg EOD
Starting stats, 195 Lbs 5'7" 17.5% BodyFat
Current Weight: 199 15.8% BodyFat according to skin fold caliper. Strength is slowly going up and hit a new PR on Bench(275) and Squat(315).

PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/50/50

Ill try and keep this log posted as much as possible and try and get some before and after pics going.


That’s a lot of adex