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2nd Cycle, Liver Advice?


New to this site, not to lifting. I’m 39 years old 225lbs 18% body fat. First cycle was TestE and TrenA for 10weeks, had good results but the Tren really killed my cardio while on it (I know, not many really care if it does). Anyway had bloodwork done before starting my 2nd and to begin with my liver ALT level is slightly elevated 72iu/L. My water will be between 1-2gal a day and ill be taking milk thistle and going to get some live52. My question is; does anyone have any experience with dbol and liver issues and are there any other liver health drugs recommended or does this look sufficient?

Week 1-4 Dbol 20mg ED (may increase if no issues)
Week 1-12 TestE 250mg twice a week
Week 1-12 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
Week 14-18 PCT Clomid 40/40/20/20


milk thistle is essentially junk. Get yourself N acetyl Cystine, tudca and liv 52 is alright. Also apple cider vinegar helps detox organs. If you are experiencing an elevation in enzymes I would detox 4 weeks and re test. Jumping on orals even though its a reletively low dose with questionable liver function isnt the best idea. As far as dosage and duration of D bol though thats pretty conservative but better off taking care of the liver before hitting it with orals.


Thanks for the response and the advice, I’ll take a look at those and grab some. I’ve been taking ACV regularly since testing, I’ll give it another few weeks and get tested again. If still issues any recommendations on something non-oral to shoot with the Test E (I was looking for the initial boost in strength form the Dbol)?


Drink a lot of water and take TUDCA you can get it off amazon for like 10$ a bottle, its the best thing for liver screw the liv52


masteron is an excellent overall drug that I would recommend but thats me. works fast and gives me sick results.


Thanks for the tip on the mast, I’ll have to see if I can bring some in. And thanks for the info on Tudca, read up on it, gonna grab a bottle and see how it works for me.
Appreciate the help.