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2nd Cycle. Info Overload Please Advise

Hey guys,

So I have been planning my next cycle for 2 -3 months now. Suffering from a bit of information overload.

I have done 2 so far, the last one being Test E - 500mg per week with Dbol front loader for 4 weeks. Didn’t really enjoy the effects of Dbol - felt like the Michelen man and the blood pressure increase wasn’t exactly a highlight for me.
I finished the last cycle mid July. Was on for 10 weeks. Ran my PCT and have been off cycle since.
The Test E worked great and made some solid gains.
The dbol blew me up but lost a lot of the water retention.

Pre cycle was 84kgs.
Was 94kgs at the end of cycle. After PCT had dropped to 91. Been dieting every since and down to 87 now and leaned out to around 12% BF - still feel like I need to drop more mainly the stubborn fat on my stomach.

Strength wise I have actually improved most of my lifts AFTER cycle - just been working hard and set up a new routine - push, pull, legs - rest.

                Quick Stats: 

25 Years Old
Lifting since I was 19. Properly for 4 years though. First 2 was very much bro science.
Weight: 86.7 kgs - just got back from holiday.
Bf: 12-13%
Squat: 180kgs
Bench: 150kgs
Deadlifts: 185kgs (I know I need to improve this - mainly grip limiting me)

Okay so for the next cycle this is what I am torn between.
I am not looking for anything stronger than the test because IMO it worked VERY well.
But torn between what compound to stack it with.

My Main AIM for this cycle:
BODY RE-COMPOSITION. I want to put on LEAN body mass. Want to put on lean mass and keep it. Not a fan of the water retention look want to harden up.

Cycle Option 1: Mast and Test

Test/masteron has some amazing synergy… Masteron not only hardens you up it really puts an end to estrogen. Test/masteron/Deca is a great cycle if you are not gyno prone! Remember Deca exerts it’s neg affects via progesterone… If you are, i’d definitely invest in some cabergoline to be on the safe side.

Most people haven’t used Masteron at the right dosage (at least 500mg/wk) and will say that it is only good if you’re under 10%bf… That cannot be further from the truth. Masteron, much like Winny, is a DHT derivative. The main problem people have with winny is that it can make your joints feel absolutely miserable! Masteron works in a very similar way except it doesn’t cause winny’s joint pain! The strength increase isn’t as pronounced with Masteron as it is with Winny but I know I"ll do without the joint pain!

A)12 Weeks
Weeks 1-12 Test E - 500mg/week
Weeks 1-12 Mast E - 500mg/week
PCT starts week 15 - Nolva - 40/40/20/20

B) 12 Weeks
Weeks 1-4 Anavar - 75mg daily - 6 weeks
Weeks 1-12 Test E - 500mg/week
Weeks 1-12 Mast E - 500mg/week
PCT starts week 15 - Nolva - 40/40/20/20

Arimidex will be ran on cycle, but from what I read, masteron lowers estrogen as well. I may be able to get away with .25mg e3d.
Is this neccesary?

This suits me as can pin twice a week- not a fan of eod or every day.

Read that it is okay to mix them into the same vial to do one shot for convenience but to use a different syringe to draw?
Would you recommend the Var?

Cycle 2 - Anadrol

This would be my second preference mainly because of the gyne effects and it being liver toxic. I am a bit prone to Gyne so will have Arimadex on hand.

Cycle A:
Test E â?? 500mg per week for 12 weeks
Anadrol â?? 50mg each day for four weeks

Cycle B:
Test â?? 500mg per week for 10 weeks
Anadrol â?? 75mg each day for four weeks

Anadrol 50 PCT
While using the stack in cycle, the best way is to have good PCT(for all the cycles) in order to get the natural testosterone levels balanced in your body, to avoid durable side effects and to get keep most of it. The most common and effective drugs to use for the same are Clomid and Nolvadex. An example for post cycle dose

Week 1: 60mg Nolvadex / 100mg Clomid
Weeks 2-4: 40mg Nolvadex / 50mg Clomid

I would recommend simply running 50mg Clomid ED for 4 weeks, beginnig 2 weeks after the last Test E pin.

You must use the aromatase inhibitor like Arimadex if you feel any effects of gynecomastia when taking a stack with Anadrol. Since it is liver toxic, it is essential to take care of your liver, while using this steroid. A product called as â??Liver Careâ?? that can be consumed before or after the use of steroid. Else you must drink plenty of cranberry juice, water and milk.

I was pretty set on Superdrol but the side effects don’t seem worth it.

That was an info overload. I haven’t tried mast personally

If it were me and I wanted to use Mast, I would run it like this:

1-12 test E 500-600
1-12 Mast E 400-600
8-12 Anavar 50mg ED
1-12 Adex .5 EOD
3-14 HCG 250iU x2 weekly

15-21 Nolva 20mg ED

HCG would be optimal if you could get your hands on it

Have you considered tren?

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

I have, but the side effects seem to harsh for me at this moment in time especially with test still being so effective.

Considering Anavar is probably fake, and the overload of info… considering you don’t like the Dbol effect, so, I’m putting Anadrol out of the game too… considering you don’t like EOD nor ED… considering DECA may cause you the same water retention you’ve got with Dbol, but worst, ohhh man… whataaaaa fuck, damn. Considering every shit you told, ok?

I would do per week:

Test E= 400/ 600mg
Mast E= 300/ 500mg - do you really have Mast E? Great, then you can pin 2x per week
EQ = 700/ 900mg
Adex = 0.5mg EOD/ ED

PCT… I don’t know, I don’t do PCT… but I do use HCG. Use it from the begining…