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2nd Cycle: Increase Anavar or Look at Alternatives?

Had a successful first cycle and looking for some advice on number 2.

Personal goals in order of priority:
1.) start low, go slow (do it safely) 2.) improve strength (most important), 3.) improve physique .

First cycle was:
8 weeks
40mg Anavar E.D.
300mg Delatestryl/week (Test Enan, 100mg higher than my regular TRT dose)
1 IU HgH E.D (mostly for help with recovery/connective tissue dev/old squat injury)
25mg Clomid E.D. PCT

Added 50lbs to deadlift, 20lb to bench, pushed squats but had a light injury going heavy (noticed quicker recovery/didnt injure it as bad)

This cycle, I’m thinking of keeping Test the same, and upping the Anavar to 60mg E.D. since it aligns with my personal goals of not getting as huge as possible, leaning out (does it more effectively than test), and I don’t notice the water retention gain/loss as much on and off cycle compared to test. Given I’d prefer injectables over orals, would it be wise to look at doing a low dose of another injectable vs. going higher on the Anavar? I’ve listened to an interview with “the anabolic doc” where he mentions that using high doses of Anavar thinking it wont shut you down more than a low dose Anadrol is silly.

Thanks for your time.

Why do you think you need to increase? What makes you think you are going to benefit more from increasing? More doesnt always equal better results.


It’s certainly not that I need to, perhaps more that I want to make most of the time on cycle. While I certainly saw strength gains, they weren’t astronomical. As well, it would be nice to improve the physique a bit more (number 3 on the list). I’ve heard “gym talk” that “guys should do 60-100mg/day or not bother” (which I try to avoid listening to, but wonder why they say that).

I’m confused and maybe misunderstanding: If you’re on TRT, you don’t need PCT.

Also, 30ml HGH makes no sense to me; how many IU? Also 30ml of anything is a lot of fluid to inject.

If this cycle/blast worked for you and gave you the desired results then there’s no need to change it.

Sorry it should be 30CCs=1IU/day.

PCT was only for the addition of Anavar and higher test.

Is English your first language? I am thinking you are not understanding what you are talking about.

TrT, is your PCT. If you fall back to TrT after a blast or cycle, the PCT is your TrT.

Post Cycle Therapy = PCT. I used 25mg Clomid for 2 weeks after my 8 weeks of Anavar because my balls shrunk a bit. Wasn’t asking for your opinion on that.

That makes more sense regarding the HGH.

You still don’t need PCT. When your blast is done go directly back to your TRT dosage. PCT is for those not on TRT to recover their natural testosterone production. Since you’re on TRT then you don’t need to worry about your natural testosterone production because you have none; hence why you’re on TRT.

H Veteq,

Thanks for the reply. I still made some T, just not enough for my mental well-being. I was prescribed hCG along with my TrT to use as needed to prevent shrinkage, but it only comes in 10000IU bottles, is super expensive, and I only need a touch. Clomid seems to fill the gaps for me a little bit better without rollercoastering (I noticed mood swings on hCG, possibly from increased Estrogen) to manage shrinkage.

I guess, to get back to the crux of the issue, and if I’m not mistaken, you’d sooner stay at 40mg Anavar, than increase the dosage, if you were seeing strength gains.

You still think you are making T while just getting done with a cycle and on TrT? LMAO this is hilarious. Can you point me in the direction where you got your bro science from?

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Yes, if you’re getting the results you want with 40mg stick with that; especially considering the hepatotoxicity dangers that come with orals. If you want to try another injectable and want to about water retention you might take a look at EQ.