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2nd Cycle in Few Wks. Tips/Changes?


hey guys
about to hit my second cycle
im 24 been training for 5 years
5'9, 175 7% bf
first cycle test cyp,deca ended with hcg and clomid

Now the deal is im confused between two cycles i been eager to initiate:
Anavar : week 1-6- 50mg ED(i dont wanna run oral more than that even though its mild)
Test Ena: week 1-12(750mg/week)
Tren ena: week 1-8 (500mg?!? -need help with this part) btw its not tren ACE.
HCG : week 2-12 (10000iu's-that includes 5 thru cycle and 5 pct just to be safe)
Arimidex: week 2-16 (including pct)
Clomid : week 12-16

i will also be running milk thistle before/during/after cycle
along with a very lean meal plan 6 meals hitting 4500-5000 calories.

Second one is: short esters

Tren ace,Test prop, and anavar
any advice when to start my hcg? since they kick in almost instantly! and how many weeks shud i run it? post?
one of my buddies did it so i was kind of inclined towards it.
any help would be appreciated!



short cycle would be better Imo...

I don't personally believe that hcg is necessary for short cycles.. and it shouldn't be run during your pct.

That being said, an 8 week test/tren/anavar cycle would do very nicely if your diet and training are on point.

I would run

weeks 1-8
test prop 15mg ED
tren ace 70-100mg ED
caber .5mg 2x a week
adex .25mg 2x a week

weeks 1-4 anavar 80-100mg ED (or more, or longer, or more and longer)

pct 3 days after last shot nolva 40/40/20/20

you don't need milk thistle lol..


thank you for ur suggestion! and 15mg of prop? so 105mg in a week? hmm im not an expert but thats nothing! unless u meant 150! lol

im probably guna end up hitting this cycle. and yes diet and training is at full swing as it is!


The 105mg of prop is just a replacement dose. A lot of guys find that when they run low doses of test with tren, they don't experience the typical tren side effects like insomnia, night sweats..