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2nd Cycle Hybrid

Hey Fellas, giving eq a go as its a mild compound known for its versitility in both cut and bulk stacks.
** Any expierence/opinions w eq cycles glady heard. **
i chose eq based on the low sides endurance factor, and slow quality gains. Chose s23 in the front for hardness and veins, added yk at the end to polish my gains off with a dht
Stats , 5’5" 160lbs 40yrs 17%bf
training 6 days wk 2hrs a day cardio 30mins daily
1900 calories day(600 defecit)

previous cycles ran:
dbol only , 8 wks
rad lgd yk s23 individually and together, 8-12 wks
lgd /s23/ test @trt 12 wks ,
test /mast 12 wks

current cycle: hybrid cutting cycle (steroids/sarms)
S23 30mgs day 1-4wks , test 150mg wk 1-2wks
Test 400mgs 2-16
eq 400 mgs wks 2-16
test prop 100mg eod wk 16-18
yk 11 30mgs last 6 wks preworkout and before bed to promote the myostatin effect
Arimidex 1mg-.5mg on injection days and .5mg eod 2-18
Organ shield ed 2-18
Cardarine 4-18

Hcg 500iu wk 16-18
clomid 100/50/50/50
nolvadex 40/40/20/20
exemestane 25/25/12.5/12.5

Let me know what you think.
if you have expierence with eq how do you feel about the compound overall?
or exp with sarms with gear or a similar set up and the results.
Thanks for reading

I like the sound of EQ on paper, but as someone who is prone to anxiety I never really considered it. I’d be interested to see your results.

You may want to start the EQ on week one and run it all the way through. Everything I’ve read indicates that it takes a while to kick in, because of the long ester, so guys will run it for a full 16 weeks.

What can you tell us about YK? Looks like a designer steroid that’s marketed as a SARM, based on how it has what my non-science brain will call a “testosterone backbone”. How’d you like it?

It is a dht, myostain inhibitor, and partly a sarm, There is one study on it , heres a link

for me ive ran it in a sarm stack with lgd, started feeling alpha about 2wks in , i noted the effect on my physique, adding defining quality and striations on me but full. i did it at the last 4 wks and once i stoped about a week later i deflated, did not go down in weight at all which was strange. this will be my 2nd time using it

I suppose you can call it a SARM since there is no concrete nomenclature for defining them (outside of the loose notion of being selective androgen receptor modulators), but structurally it’s a steroid. How did arrive at your dosage? Since there’s no human trials I wonder how guys go about finding an effective dosage.

For me small doses , a bit if Bro science and of course marketing. i was researching sarms and there effects on me, did bloods multiple times i can say yk heavily supress endo test , go figure its a dht right. Slughlty elevated liver enzymes after but no cause for concern. mine came in 5 mg caps, i started low 5mgs first week 10mgs 2nd week 15mgs 3rd /4th , i felt it on 2 weeks in and felt even beter 3/4th weeks.

Very interesting. I’ve looked at all the SARMs, just sort of from a curiosity standpoint, and YK always seemed like the one that was the most impressive as a steroid alternative. How did you like LGD? A while back, before I got on TRT, I tried RAD and it wasn’t worth the cost. But LGD does appear to be popular in some circles and I wonder how it treated you.

Thanks for the detailed replies, by the way. Always nice to learn something new from the guys on here.

So I am currently running EQ at 630mg but I’m also Abit bigger, I would say it’s such a mild drug. That I would push the dose up, it also take a while to kick in. But you need to be eating more n my opinion. Even when I was cleaning up, my rest day calories were around 3200.

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i was thinking of 600mg of eq but im such a small person 5’5" 160 lbs that i think 400mg will be like 600 for the average guy. so thats how i come up with 400 and this is my 3rd cycle. based on my last cycle of test at 4-600mgs wk i learned that over 500 the sides from test got away from me. at 400 i had very manageable sides. thats why i choose 400mg test 400mg eq cause i want to deal with as little negitive sides as possible.

If I use more than 150mg of eq a week I’ll get horrible anxiety.

Anxiety is a horrible condition. I’ve read extensive research on it. Alot of concurrent info is pointing to chronic inflammation as possible causes.

cycle.update after 2 1/2 wks. this s23 or whatever it is is nothing like other sarms ive done and ive done all the mainstream sarms for almost 2 yrs. ive done s23 before but 20 mgs

the negative sides i encountered on 30mgs

red hot ears (the top of my ears)

muscle twitches/spasm


dehydration ( at least i feel like i am even tho im not because i drink 1-1/2 gallons of water a day

loss of appitite

aches and pains in bones

uncontrollable chills

Thats pretty much what ive exp so far

im only 2 1/2 wks in.

thus far i only used

s23 with a trt dose of 150 wkly

at this point im ready to ditch the s23 until the last 4 wks of my cycle as it makes me look lean vainy af and great cycle is

s23 first 4 wks 2-16 test 500, 2-14 wk eq 400 yk11 last 4 wks

the s23 had me trippin a bit when i could not for the life of me get warm , bones ached , froze for a good 20 mins, happen on more then one occasion. , it was rough lol. so i think i may ditch it till the end or all together and add in masteron once my bf drops a couple perccents. because its not worth the sides at least not yet. Not even sure if its s23 or some prohormone but it works its just not worth the side effect. i did labs while ultilizing 30mgs orally of s23 so we will see how much it effected me as stated 2 wks you can see the diffrence in definition hardness and vascularity amd the sides are almost unbearable

Those sound like absolutely terrible side effects. I don’t think I could keep going if it were me. Not looking for a specific source, but did you get the s23 from a reputable place?

always use the same source , as they are pretty legit to begin with so far as quality. so i now suspect the s23 at 30mg was perhaps too much based on my body weight. i lowerd the dose to 20 mgs a day spit in two doses am/pm and the sides have dissapated. another thing is it may have been my body respoding to the test/ eq as that was recently introduced. triped me out tho. got 1 more week with s23 @ 20mgs ive decided to just follow the 4 wk plan with it but with a lower dose. i may nring it back in the last 2-3wks got to stay flexable with these compounds.

Update: got labs back from first 2.5wks of s23 @ 30mgs ed ,
hdl was 19
ldl 113
test blend 325mg/ 1ml 2 wks
test p 50
test pp 75
test iso 100
test dec 100

i used 1 ml and figured id be normal after about 16 days whearas the props would be gone the iso and dec would be halfe, this was my guess but my test came back low
total 88 (250-1100)
free 24 (27-40)

it seems that the s23 was the culprit on the cholestrol. ive removed it from the cycle as of today 2 days earlier than planed.

now onto the test blend 325 , perhaps way underdosed and it is basically sus, however sus has shown to put men in the 700+ range on average after a two week inection. maybe its bunk? ive used 100 mg pharma grade test for a week and tested in the 300’s i suspect this is due to my low shbg . the eq i started gives me a flu of sorts with my 2nd injection leading to a severe pip red swollen spreading etc… on kflex now 10 days jic.howver the s23 caused simialr effects… ready to abort but i may see how it goes for a week or two without s23.

let me know if you had to evac on a cycle exp etc…


16 days post injection and TT was 88. Holy dickballs. I would start up your pct immediately.