2nd Cycle Help!!!

I’m 26 yrs old… 6’2" 190 w/ my body fat in the single digits. 2 years ago I weighted in at 162. Got in a car wreck and couldnt walk. Long story short got better, started lifting again and with a cycle of Super Test250 (500mg a week) for 10 weeks, I gained and have kept all 28 pounds.I finished with Nolvadex for pct.

My last shot was 6 months ago. I still weigh 190 and work out constantly. I want to do another cycle but have no idea what to stack with some test. If you guys have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

I heard to stack dbol w/ test but have heard some bad bloating stories… thanks guys…

Taking an AI during the cycle will control the bloat issues.

On a side note, this is a good case to show the people who keep saying that you need to have a good muscle mass for steroids to work. Well, he gained 28lbs at 6’2" and 162 lbs so apparently you don’t.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Why not just run the Test again? You obviously took to it very well last time. Its likely you won’t gain another 25-30lbs this cycle but even half that is considered a great second cycle.

Thanks guys for the responses. I thought about doing just test again, but it took a while before I started feeling it. I want to take the d-bol to jump start the cycle. My goal is to be at 205-210 after my cycle. I heard Arimidex is a good AI. So my cycle would look like this.

Test 500mg/wk -10 weeks
D-bol 40mg/day- 1st 5 weeks
Arimidex during cycle
Nolva 40mg/day- weeks 13-16
this sound about right?
once again thatnks for taking the time to respond.

Sounds pretty standard from what I have read. I am far from an expert but have already been on very close path to your first cycle. I can offer a little advice if you let me. If you are not particularly prone to gyno then run your A’dex @ .25mg EOD. If you are gyno prone and then .5mg EOD. I also found that I liked to keep natural test flowing to prevent such a hard crash end of cycle and ran 250iu HCG EOD during entire cycle.

From what I read some people love Dbol and others hate it. I personally feel that since you dont mind the injections then why not just go test prop to get things kicking. Not liver harm. I am planning for my second cycle possibly 50mg EOD for weeks 1-4.


[quote]firestanggt wrote:
On a side note, this is a good case to show the people who keep saying that you need to have a good muscle mass for steroids to work. Well, he gained 28lbs at 6’2" and 162 lbs so apparently you don’t. [/quote]

I doubt anyone argues their effectiveness.

The general idea is that at 162lbs (basically 150lbs for someone of average height), it’s very unlikely for proper training, eating and sleeping habits to have formed. And without those in place, gains are unlikely to be permanent. And in the OP’s case, those extra 28lbs could have likely been added from a higher starting point as well. Now this isn’t a knock on the OP cause everyone has their own goals, but this should be pointed out.

I’m also fairly certain that a more developed muscle will hold more androgen receptors.

Hey Stiddy,I love advice,I’d never turn it down!! So if I drop the d-bol what kind of cycle would you recomend? Test Prop? How much would I do then?When I did my first test cycle I didnt have any sides except for a few pimples on my chest at about week 9 and went away after about 2 weeks,but no gyno. No offense taken Chillain,you have a point.Thanks for the responses!

personally i like and dislike dbol.

i got very big and strong fast (1 gain about 1-2 lbs/d on it) but the bloating and back pumps are brutal for me. the most dbol i can run without being crippled by back cramps is 10mg/d. the plus side is i still get fairly good results at 10mg/d so that’s all i am going to run from now on.

if you are looking for a jump start it is tough to beat dbol…

if you are looking for something to stack with your test I would recommend primo…i found it had very few sides, dry gains, and i get very strong on it…downside is cost of course.