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2nd Cycle Help

Hi i just finished my first cycle of testo e 250 e5d and dbol at 30mg for 4 weeks
i like the results because i am in the end of my pct and i am 3.5 kg up
I am 177cm at 83kg with 14% bf my goal is 77kg+ at lower than 10% bf
I am thinking for my second cycle
1-10(12?) weeks testo e 250mg e3d
1-4 superdrol at 20mg
1-12 arimidex 0.25mg eod
pct nolva clomid and pregnyl blast
3 days doing dc training and 3 cardio
what do you think??

any suggestions??or additions for the cycle???

pregnyl during cycle not during pct.

everything looks fine if using standard protocol…your adex dose may need to be adjusted as the cycle progresses