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2nd Cycle Help Test/Tren


So I am 21 years old, and have been working out since I was 14. I am around 5"8 185lb. I ran my first cycle 12 months ago at 400mg/wk test-e with a 40mg dbol kickstart wk 1-4. I have been on a ketogenic diet for the last 6 months or so, which I understand i will need to change once I start tren, but helps you understand why I want tren in my 2nd cycle because ive worked hard for my physique and don't want to bloat like I did with my test cycle (diet wasnt as good as it should of been).

Attached are a few photos of my current physique. I have read a lot on tren and looks like I am going to be running 100mg EOD Tren-A, just still unsure of exactly what I should run my Test-e at. I will have aromosin on hand and clomid/nolva for PCT.

To kind of sum it up i have seen a lot of conversations with contradicting ratios of tren to test so im just trying to find out what i should run my test-e at, as of now i was leaning towards 250mg/wk.


Personally I'd run my test tren 1:3 ratio. 150-200mg of test with 450-600mg of Tren and enjoy the ride.


awesome physique mate


You don't think that's kind of high for a first time user? I'm big on low Test high Tren but damn that's a lot for someone who's never touched the compound before.

As for OP, I usually recommend 125-250mg Test/wk and start with Tren A 25mg/ED. Bump up every 1-2 weeks till you're satisfied with the dose or till sides are barely tolerable. I know you mentioned EOD shots but many of my gym buddies and I find Tren A is much more tolerable shot ED. Good luck.

edit: I'd also try to get some caber on hand for precautions. Just for the first run at least incase you're prone.



so you want him to start at 175mg a wk of tren? That's low as fuck, if you're gonna do it, do it right and get your moneys worth. It's ace, levels will drop pretty quickly if sides are too much.


I mean I guess to each his own cause I wouldn't call that an ineffective dose. It's not like me and my buddies are conservative with our gear. The UG's down here are crap so we all brew and a lot of us stay within the 25-50mg a day dose for 8-12 weeks. A couple big competitors at my gym even talk about saving Ace 100mg/ED for contest prep (but if you hang around competitors you know they're lying sacks of shit).

You are right about Ace levels dropping quick though so with that said OP go for it. Good luck and keep us posted.



No not really running a low test keeps many of trens unwanted sides away in the first place. I don't feel 450mg is over kill at all for a first time tren user as long as it is Ace to see how he takes to it. 600 would be more than enough but I know many running well into the gram and even above. Bit they have been around a bit. The absolute lowest I'd suggest to any one running it would be 300. I know lower doses over a longer time especially tren can make a difference. But, when I got on it was because I wanted to win and see changes not ease into stuff. But I'm a bit unconventional in my "Fuck it just pin it and see what happens" approach.