2nd Cycle: Go a Few Weeks Longer?

I’m 45 and 5 months ago, did my first cycle: Supertest 360mg/wk x 12 weeks + Deca 200mg/wk x 10 weeks. I took Nolva 10mg a day on cycle because the bloat was out of this world and my nips were getting itchy (might have been psychological, but why take chances?). I then added one shot of 1000iu HCG the week after my last shot and did Nolva 40/20/20/10/10 PCT afterwards.

I didn’t measure my weight gain because I didn’t think it would be that relevant given that I gained and lost water and I gained fat which I lost quickly during PCT. On the other hand, my strength went up drmatically on cycle.

My bench went up by 70 lbs, my overhead press went up by 50 lbs and dumbbell curls almost doubled. I lost on average only a small percentage of my on-cycle strength up to now. Visually I look much more muscular today than I ever did, and I’ve been working out since I was in high school.

My recovery was good. All seems to have gone fine with no sides to speak of besides back zits.

In a few weeks, I’ll be starting another cycle: Supertest 450mg/wk x 12 weeks + Deca 300mg/wk x 10 weeks - same PCT protocol except I have more HCG available in case my nuts have a harder time bouncing back. I’m also adding .5mg Caber to the mix.

The reason I mention all this is that I have enough remaining gear to take me 15 weeks as opposed to 12. Would the addional 3 weeks provide a suffient risk/benefit ratio or should I just keep it to 12 weeks like the last time?

Thanks in advance, folks.

On my first cycle of test enanthate at 600mg/week I had originally planned to run it for 12 weeks. I ended up having some extra and decided to extend it for 2 more weeks. While I did not continue to make weight gains after the 12 week point I did see more strength gains and felt the extra two weeks were worth it. PCT was fine and I had no issues recovering. I used HCG while on cylce from weeks 2-14 at 500iu/twice per week . I did the standard nolva pct starting two weeks after last inject for four weeks.

I would suggest you use and AI such as arimidex or aromasin to control your estrogen related sides (water retention etc.) and save the nolva for pct.

Thanks for the info. I may do just that.