2nd Cycle, First time stacking EQ. Dose/AI questions Should I add proviron?

I just ordered my second cycle. My first was ran in '17. I ran 500 mg test E a week for 14 weeks. No sides other than some water weight/ puffiness. PCT worked, came off great. Went from 165 to 207 and have kept at a solid 185 since.

I’ve got some EQ/test combo vials on the way, so whatever dose i use on one I will have to in the other. I also have HCG. PCT (tamoxifen/ chlomid) and aromasin. I was planning to runn 500mg a week on both for 16 weeks. But after reading I am considering 600? I bought an extra vial just incase so I have enough. I’m not sure if I will absolutely need the aromasin or not. I am going in for pre cycle blood TMR. Will get blood again around 8 weeks?. If anyone can give me some basic suggestions to run this as smoothly as possible I’d appreciate it! Do I need to start the AI immediately, or wait for blood or what do I look for to know i need it? Also what can I do to keep the water weight off or will the EQ help?. Not to deep in this ad just want to run another good cycle to see if I can break the 210 mark

Would proviron be beneficial? I only ask because I read it can help stave off other side effects from the injects. However I’d rather do what’s going to be best on my body so if adding it will be added stress later if rather not

Thank y’all!!

Anyone? :cowboy_hat_face:

Are you proposing running 600 mg of test and 600 mg of EQ? That is a pretty big jump from 500 mg test, IMO.

EQ is about half as estrogenic as test. So you would have the estrogenic effects of around 900 mg test (in theory). I would see how you feel after a couple of weeks before taking action on E2 even with that dose. If I needed to take anything for gyno I would use tamoxifen before using the aromasin.

How long do you plan on running this cycle? EQ is generally run as a longer cycle as it takes a long time to build up. If it is me, I would lower the dosages and run longer, but I am also on TRT, so running longer is not a risk to HTPA restart.

Well the vials I got are a split of 200mg test 200mg EQ so I have to do equal dosing. I plan to run 16 weeks. And yes I have plenty of tamoxifen!! So wait maybe 3-4 weeks and see if it’s needed? I originally planned on doing 500mg of each weekly but was just curious if anyone had inputs on 600. I’m more than ok staying at 500

This is only my 2nd cycle so I know adding EQ I. Probably going to make good gains if I eat right. I by no means want to monster dose for no reason. If 500 is plenty I’ll stick there, if I need to go lower I’m open to suggestions

Well you made crazy progress on 500 mg test, and likely would make additional progress just running that same cycle, but that is boring.

So you bought Test / EQ mix. I would think you would gain plenty on 400/400 per week, but it is up to you. 16 weeks is pretty good.

Tamoxifen is good for gyno prevention. Other high e2 symptoms won’t be improved from tamofixen.

Thanks bro! I may do 400 and bump to 5 after a few weeks if it goes well. I really appreciate your input

Post your progress. I myself am interested in EQ.

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Got ya bubba. Everyone I’ve heard that’s taken it I know personally loved it so I’m excited