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2nd Cycle... Feedback?

Im waiting on my order to come in for my second cycle.
im 24 6’2’ 220 lbs. about 10% bf with about 2 years of training.
My first cycle was just a simple test e/dbol cycle.

This cycle is going to look like this.

Week 1-3 50 mg tbol
week 1-3 100 mg test prop EOD
week 1-6 500 mg test cyp EW
week 6-8 500 mg test prop weekly (or as close as i can get with EOD injections)

.25 mg a-dex ED while on
Nolva in pct either 20/20/20/10 or 40/20/20/10

Im thinking about adding injectable winny for the last 4 weeks as well… To get rid of whatever access waterweight and lean out a bit. Any thoughts on that?

Also what is recovery like with hcg and without.

If you are going to run an 8 week cycle, why would you take 3 weeks off of the prop, just run the prop all the way through at a higher dose.

And just take the arimidex eod, at 0.5mg, it keeps everything simpler.

8 weeks is a short cycle and you may not need hcg.