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2nd Cycle - Eq and Npp

Hi there,
done with 1st cycle 300 test e/week and hcg
been struggling with finding the sweet spot with arimidex dosages but the rest went well
for my 2nd cycle in a couple of weeks i was thinking about the exact same cycle but with some eq and npp

any thoughts?

Did you just finish your first cycle?

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I would be using nolvadex and not an AI to keep E2 issues in check.

I would only add one compound per cycle . If you add 2 and you get negative sides you can’t be sure which one is causing the problems. EQ would be my choice, less potential side effects than NPP, which is a deca derivative and carries a greater risk of erectile disfunction, loss of libido.

EQ likes long cycles 12-16weeks. It takes a long time to kick in but you maintain most of the gains for a long time after the cycle ends.

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If your first cycle was productive why don’t you just try increasing your Test from 300 to 500 and see what that brings you. Why the rush to add a second compound?

Oh and as @Beyond_Beyond stated…drop the arimidex unless absolutely needed in favor of Nolva.

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ill take 2 months off before starting the 2nd cycle… maybe just eq or just npp then

other thing as i gained a lot of weight in a short period of time, i felt my joints in the legs and shortness of breath when going running, is this normal?

2 months is is a good amount of time to pct and reset or cruise before another blast.

Here my stance on adding another compound.

If your first cycle went amazing and you had no issues and everything was perfect then why not?

In your case i see you had a bit of trouble with adex dosage on 300mg a week. This concerns me for a couple reasons 1) 300mg/week is not a lot im suprised you even neesed adex. 2) i see you had hcg in there. Im guessing this was the preserve the nuts while on cycle? Hcg aromotizes in the nuts so adex doesnt counter act the aromitization.

My suggestion is unless the hcg is absolutely necessary then drop it. Run a second test only cycle and see if you cant get it perfect before adding another compound. If you rewlly want to add another compound for your second cycle make it a oral compound that doesn’t aromotize and add it the last 4 weeks that way you get tue first 8-12 weeks to try and get the test situation dialied in better this time

It is possible that yes when a lot of weight is gained rapidly the body needs a bit of adjustment time.

Altho um willing to bet the joint issue is because you were suffering from low E2 taking that adex in such a small. Amount of test when the real E2 symptoms were coming from that hcg which the adex wasnt helping at all

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You also should forget that while anabolics increase muscle size and strength in a relatively short amount of time they do not have the same effect on your tendons and ligaments which have to play catch up to support the new found muscle strength and mass. This is primarily why I would recommend a longer ‘off’ period than just 8 weeks to allow a fuller recovery.