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2nd Cycle, Dose/Timing Advice?

I’m 22 and I took one cycle pretty standard tren/ test over a year ago and wanted to run another test cycle.

I have 1 vial at 250mg that will last me 10 weeks and I’m using this to help me loose weight, I use to be very fat and I ran the weight off from 211 (34%bf) to 149 (guessing around 11%) yet two years later I still have bad love handles even though I look really lean from the upper torso up. I train 6 days a week high intinsity for at least an hour and now I’m fed up with the love handles so I’m hoping Test-C will help.

The question at hand is how many doses a week and how much test should I take while I work on this cut to really get this last weight off. I was thinking 2 injections 200mg every 4 days untill I’m out?
(My nutrition is pretty good I’m at 1300 calories and a nutrition minor at school so I do have an idea of what I’m doing as far as diet and excercise)

Test isn’t going to help you lose weight, mostly diet my friend assuming you are already training hard. Test can help you maintain your muscle mass while dieting. Do you have test C/E or prop? Either way I think you are short on your needs.

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I think your math is incorrect.

10 ml vial X 250mg/ml = 2500 mg
2500 mg/200 mg/shot = 12.5 shots
12.5 shots/2 shots/week = 6.25 weeks

You will need at least 2 vials.

I have to disagree with @blshaw here in part. Test is a nutrient partitioning agent and will help convert calories into muscle and, reduce insulin sensitivity and, increase lipolysis. So combined with diet and weight training, it will help your body reduce fat and add muscle.

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If you think 1300 calories is enough to add LBM and burn fat, then you need to hit the books some more

Go look at Jackolee’s training log

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Definately helps reduce ass muscle! :joy::joy::joy:

I agree with @studhammer. 1300 calories is t enough food man. If your eating clean and being smart about your food selections you should be able to cut on more like 1900-200 calories at your size. Sounds to me like your underestimating your body fat as well. If your 11% you absolutely won’t have love handles. Now you might have some loose skin from excessive weight loss, but unfortunately there’s not much you can do about that without surgery no matter how much fat you loose.

Test who help you utilize your nutrition more efficiently, but solid nutrition and hard training are the two most important factors in building a good physique. Do you have any current photos so we can see where your at with muscle development.

At 22 I’d say you have plenty of test floating around your body to make gains without the exogenous test.

Damnit Jack, I’m a state employee! You expect me to type??


I’m not trying to add any LBM right now I’m very happy with my muscle. I’ve played around with my calories for 4 years now and below 1500 is just what my body takes to cut well. I just hit 225 x 6 yesterday and now I’m just focusing on loosing weight and trying to retain the best of what I got. So any recommendation on how I should dose out my test?

Sorry for the misconception I am not at 11% currently.
I dropped that weight like 3 years ago or so. Right now I’m 169 closer to 15% or so, I still have chest and shoulder straitions so my cuts going well I’m down 8lbs in 2 months.
Nah dude I’ve been playing with calories for a long time, about 1500 is the most I can have an still loose weight. (Pretty slowly at that point)
(I do in fact have extra skin on my obliques and huge stretch marks all down my back and sides, so I might just be ducked :joy:)

So let’s move off of my nutrition and training I promise they’re both pretty decent, any recommendations on the test dosage? 250mg a week? Or should I do 200mg twice a week for half the time?

Hell yes we expect you to type. At least 2 correct words per minute.


Lets move off your nutrition and training? Sounds about right for someone who thinks Tren and Test are standard normal first cycles.

Stretch marks down your back and sides? Were you extremely overweight?
The questions about being overweight were not meant as an insult. After re-reading it myself, that sounded harsh.


Sorry man, I don’t think AAS is the answer. Can’t give you advice on something I don’t believe is the right path. Best of luck

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Well, if you only have the one vial and no plans for more, then based on my previous post, you can only run 200 a week for 12.5 weeks.

If you are intent on this, then pin 100 mg twice a week. You probably wont need estrogen control at this dose.

You know you need to run a PCT afterwards right?

Even at 200mgs per week, that is not worth shutting down natural production for the amount 200mgs is going to produce in Test levels. At the young age of 22, his natural levels could/should be higher than what 200mgs will produce.

@studhammer, I would agree in men that are deficient in T. Assuming healthy levels I don’t believe increasing T to supraphysiological levels aids much in fat loss.

Yeah I was very over weight, the tren and test was a mistake for sure, I didn’t have bad side effects but I got too big too quick and I really don’t like the idea of taking something like tren.

Well for me personally being on TRT contributed significantly to losing fat and gaining muscle

Bro your all kinds of lost right now. I don’t know where you get the idea that a 1300 cal a day diet is good for long term cutting. You must of pulled that out of the back of a womans health magazine. You are caught up on using test because you think its gonna be the magic cure for fat loss? If thats all your looking for and you insist in using drugs to get there i promise there is much better things out there. Altho im not gonna give you the names because i dont think you shoukd be using anything when your a 22yr old skinny fat that is not only gear dependent but also gear ignorant from the sounds of it.

By the way this is coming from someone who was over 300lbs when they were 18 and lost all of it and built great frame and base before every touching gear or pro-hormones. It took about a solid 5 years of dedication and hard work but if you cant do it naturally youl never be able to maintain it drugs or no drugs


I did do it naturally dude read everything before making ignorant comments.
-Sincerly A guy that’s killing it on weights and runs more a day than you a week, only reason my bench is plateauing at 245*

if you are seriously on 1300 calorie per day for a long time now, you are definitely slowly going into anorexia

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